The 10 Best Vancouver Coffee Roasters of 2017

The 10 Best Vancouver Coffee Roasters of 2017

The 10 Best Vancouver Coffee Roasters of 2017

This list of the 10 best Vancouver coffee roasters of 2017 was created by you all, via a recent survey. So when we say this list represents the people, we mean it!

Whilst it’s full of some well-established companies, 2017 has really been the year of the micro/nano roaster. We’ve seen some amazing names such as Modus, Prototype, Luna and Spent Grounds pop up in Vancouver and there are more in the works that I can’t even tell you about yet.

We’ve also seen Beanstock knock it out of the park, with their recent coffee roasters festival, as well as the upcoming Hopwired coffee beer festival.

So without further ado, as voted by you all, here are the 10 best Vancouver coffee roasters of 2017.

10. Groundswell Coffee Roasters

Q&A Session 4: Groundswell Roasters

Husband and wife duo Attie and Will are the brains behind Groundswell, a smaller roaster and recipient of a silver medal in the recent Golden Bean awards. Personally, I’ve tried lots of their coffee and it’s always been fantastic, but I’m especially fond of their espresso blend. We love Groundswell so much that we included them in our 2017 Vancouver coffee shop tours.

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9. East Van Coffee Roasters


Photo Credit: East Van Coffee Roasters

Part coffee roasters, part coffee shop, part chocolate producer and all round amazing people, East Van Coffee Roasters have a highly skilled head roaster (Andrew of the Coffee Potluck crew) as well as a fantastic social outreach program whereby they employ women from the nearby housing project to make their gourmet chocolates.

8. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters


2017 was an exciting year for Timbertrain, seeing the opening of their new ‘Depot’ location in East Van, with their roaster on full display. We also saw big improvements in their bean lineup, as well as collaborations with other roasters and breweries.

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7. Elysian Coffee Roasters

Elysian Coffee Roasters

Photo Credit: Elysian Coffee Roasters

Vancouver staple and solid all-rounder, Elysian, takes the number 7 spot with their accessible and sensibly priced beans as well as having a great reach across the city with their four venues. I personally find their batch brew coffee to be some of the best I’ve had in town.

6. Bows & Arrows Coffee

Bows and Arrows Coffee

Victoria-based Bows & Arrows opened their first Vancouver shop last year, giving the people of the Fraserhood access to their immaculately boxed coffee. Light and bright, notoriously difficult to tame and best paired with their amazing brunches.

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5. Matchstick


Arguably one of the most well known of the medium size roasters in Vancouver, Matchstick beans can be found all across Canada and I’ve heard they occasionally turn up in USA cafes too! I prefer to visit their original location on Fraser and Kingsway, but their Riley Park venue is pure eye candy.

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4. Agro Coffee Roasters

Agro Roasters Cortado

Agro Coffee Roasters is run by husband and wife duo Dusty and Marina, but we all know that Marina does most of the work and Dusty takes the glory! Agro is arguably the best value coffee you can get in Vancouver, given that the quality of their roasts are impeccably high for the price. For your convenience, their coffee is also on lots of grocery store shelves. I’m really excited for what comes in 2018 for them.

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3. Moving Coffee Roastery

Moving Coffee Roastery have time and time again proven themselves to be of the absolute highest quality when it comes to what coffee beans they roast. All their coffee scores 90+ on the SCAA scale, where most coffee roasters are more than happy at 80-90. What this means is that you’re guaranteed one of the most sophisticated cups of coffee in the city.

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2. 49th Parallel Roasters

One of the most well-known roasters in all of Canada, you can now find 49th beans on the shelves as far out as the UK! Their coffee ranges from dark, chocolatey classic espresso, all the way to single origin fruity filter roasts. If you’re not sure who they are, just keep an eye out for their teal bags in coffee shops, they’re everywhere once you know what to look for!

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

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1. Pallet Coffee Roasters

Taking 2017’s top spot we have the mighty Pallet Coffee Roasters. Their selection of coffee is vast, taking in all the major areas of coffee growing, their “Top Shelf” espresso was a personal favourite of mine this year (and was responsible for more than a few jittery moments when I couldn’t stop drinking it), coupled with the fact that they’re well known to be tremendously supportive of the coffee shops that serve their coffee. Watch out for their new Motive line in 2018.

Pallet Coffee Roasters Kitsilano

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