The Rest of The Snobby Awards

The Rest of The Snobby Awards

Over the last few days we’ve been publishing ‘The Snobbies’, a publicly voted awards series that highlighted the best coffee roasters, the best brunches and the best coffee shops in the city. But what about the rest of The Snobby awards I hear you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Um, ok this is awkward because I wrote a tonne of stuff out for you. Can we just pretend that you want this so you don’t hurt my feelings? Oh wait, I don’t have feelings… er, so how about that snow, eh?

Here’s the rest of The Snobby Awards you ungrateful buggers!

The Behind the Scenes Award

Alison Ensworth

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If you’ve been to a coffee event this year there’s a good chance Alison has assisted with it somehow. She helped plan out numerous latte art championships and cupping sessions at Espressotec, as well as sitting on the board of the mighty Beanstock Festival. Safe to say that she’s making a name for herself in the Vancouver coffee events scene. This award recognises her work and we all hope that she doubles her efforts in 2018, for our own selfish reasons of course.

Best Decaff Coffee Award

Groundswell Roasters

Decaff coffee is a very polarising subject to get into, because a lot of people immediately default to the “it doesn’t taste the same” argument. To be fair, it’s valid, the Swiss Water Process definitely changes the taste of the bean, but I think this year we saw the start of some incredible decaff roasts, the king of which was Groundswell. I liked this so much that I vacuum packed some and froze it.

Most Likely Person to Call me a Wanker to My Face

Karen from Spent Grounds

Karen Lopez

I’m in no way insinuating that I’m not a wanker, I’m just saying that Karen is the most likely out of all of you to say it to my face. Kudos to her for calling me on my BS this year and for also having the fanciest bathrooms in her coffee shop.

Contribution to the Community Award

Coffee Potluck

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Coffee Potluck is a collection of delightful nerds from the industry that have banded together to create a monthly event to bring together coffee enthusiasts to try new beans, drink new types of coffee and even try different types of milk, all in the name of education. They’ve made great efforts in bringing the community together from the corners of the city and I owe many friendships to them. I’m really excited to see what they have in store for 2018.

Australian of the Year Award

Ben Rugg, Director of Coffee at Pallet Coffee Roasters

Ben is pictured on the right

Ben hails from a small island off the coast of Australia called New Zealand. New Zealand is the seventh state of Australia but has 100% fewer crocodiles.

Just kidding mate, thanks for the latte art lessons this year!

Choo Choo, Hype Train Award

Hopwired Festival

There’s a coffee beer festival coming next year and the HYPE IS REAL. OK, OK I know this looks like a shameless plug for an event I’ll be presenting at, but I don’t care, just give me this OK, it’s Christmas.

Click here to buy tickets and shout “WANKER” at me from the crowd when I’m on stage.

Wish My Photos Were This Good Award

The Little Black Coffee Cup

Ashley, aka The Little Black Coffee Cup, has really upped her game this year with some incredible photo sets, as well as some really great articles on her website.

Wish My Photos Were This Good Award – Local Edition


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Lawrence at CafeYVR is part of the inspiration I took to kick off this coffee blogging nonsense, so it’s no surprise that I really love his efforts on Instagram. Whilst you’re at it, check out his new account FindingYVR

Canine Cafe Appreciation Award


Whilst their outdoor seating area is not huge (thanks, City of Vancouver), they’re always happy to see dogs as guests, providing them with endless photo opportunities to grow their online pooch brand. #yvrdoggies

The Indiana Jones Made it at the Last Minute Award

Modus Coffee

Opening only a few weeks before Christmas, they’ve effectively ruined their chances of winning “new coffee shop of the year 2018”, so they get this award instead, which is way more important. If you’ve not been to Modus yet it’s a fantastic new coffee shop on Broadway, between Cambie and Main.

Best Local Podcast Award

Coffee Stories by 49th Parallel / Laura Perrey

Laura Perrey from 49th Parallel goes off on coffee related adventures and talks about them on her podcast. It’s still in its early stages, but it’s really interesting.

Most Likely to School You on Coffee (in a good way) Award

Eldric from Aubade

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Probably the most patient person in Vancouver, Eldric at Aubade has fielded untold amounts of questions from myself over the last year, as well as a hundred or so people we bought through his shop on our coffee tour with Canadian Craft Tours (go book yourself on one of their Brewery tours, they’re awesome). His coffee knowledge is vast, his brewing is scientific and his explanatory skills are incredible, getting complex concepts over in an easy to understand fashion. Keep an eye on his Instagram account for any upcoming training sessions he regularly holds.

Bad Ass Motha Huggas Award

The Crew at Nemesis

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Is hugging the secret of their success? You’d think so, with the number of them they deal out daily. I believe the staff handbook is just a piece of paper that says “Hugs are free, coffee isn’t”. Whatever their reasons, it’s the best place in the city to be embraced by a barista.

Best Coffee Outside Vancouver Award

1914 Coffee in Squamish

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Mike at 1914 Coffee seems to have made it his life’s mission to collect as many of the fanciest coffees the world has to offer. But instead of hoarding them away for himself the crazy bugger gives them away in his regular cupping sessions on Sundays. I’ve had some of the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life at his coffee shop. If it was located in Vancouver I’d fully expect it to be in the top 10 list.

Photobomb of the Year Award

Cole from Nemesis

Nuff said.