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The 10 Best Coffee Roasters in Vancouver 2023

The 10 Best Coffee Roasters in Vancouver 2023

It’s day two of the Snobby Awards: The 10 Best Coffee Roasters in Vancouver 2023.

Yesterday we saw The Best NEW Coffee Shops of 2022.

Today is the best coffee roasters.


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OK, back to the list of the Best Coffee Roasters in Vancouver 2023

10. General Strike Coffee

Kicking off this years list we have a nano roaster operating out of  East Van in I think what appears to be a bus!

General Strike focus on high quality, ethical coffee. Their lineup is small but pretty damn good – with mostly Africans available at their website right now.

9. Spent Grounds

Spent Grounds

OK you’re going to have to get in the car for this one, as Spent Grounds is in Surrey.

But seriously, it’s worth the trip.

Owners Karen and Kyra are the most lovely people, as well as damn good coffee roasters.

Their coffee does edge towards the roastier dark end of the spectrum. But if you ask, they may have some under the counter light stuff from time to time.

8. Modus

Filter Coffee on Table at Modus Coffee Roasters

One of my personal favourites, Modus has a compact but incredibly reliable selection of coffee available each day.

Their lineup has names that act as sort of categories.

For example Dom is mellow, balanced and pretty much impossible to brew badly.

While LATIF is usually bright, intense and fruity.

The coffee producer and location may vary, but the feel of the cup is always similar and it’s ALWAYS delicious.

7. House of Funk Roasting Co

Inside of House of Funk

House of Funk are responsible for what might have been one of the best coffees I’ve had in my life.

Certainly, the best I had this year (sorry they’re sold out but it’s the Costa Rican in the October subscription box).

You can expect weird process, funky, fruity and mind blowing coffee from this roaster.

6. Agro Coffee Roasters

Agro Coffee Roasters

This year was an exciting one for Agro Roasters.

They (finally) moved into their new location in East Van.

Plus they have appeared on the shelves of LOADS of cafes across the city.

You can expect a coffee for everyone at Agro.

Their dark roast is among the best I’ve ever had and their range goes all the way to light, bright and fruity as hell.

5. Pallet Coffee Roasters

Roaster at Pallet Coffee Roasters HQ

Fan favourite Pallet is, of course, back in the top 10 this year!

They’ve been knocking out some of the most reliable and delicious coffee the city has to offer, for years now.

They honestly have something for everyone – from more developed to light and weird.

But this year has seen them pushing boundaries with their first foray into freeze dried coffee (email me if you want to buy my freeze dryer btw) as well as a sneaky little pseudo coffee advent calendar thingie!

4. Nemesis Coffee Roasting

Coffee Roaster in Nemesis GNW

You probably know Nemesis for at least their groundbreaking newest coffee shop.

But their coffee roasting program is at least as fancy pants as that.

Nemesis focus on direct-to-farm relationships on all their green coffee.

What this means is you can buy from them confident that your money is going to each coffee farmer directly, rather than through middlemen that take their cut.

All their roasts are in the light, bright, beautiful and delicious category.

3. Prototype Coffee Roasters

Coffee roasters at Prototype Coffee

16 coffees.

SIXTEEN COFFEES is the biggest I’ve seen on bar at Prototype!

As you can imagine, with that many different types available you really have something that should please even the pickiest of coffee snobs.

You can expect, well, all sorts. I’ve had clean and beautiful cups of Colombian as well as weird and boozy, intense cups of PNG.

It’s a marvellous place to visit and get lost in the selection.

2. Kafka’s Coffee Roasting

Kafka's is Now Roasting Coffee

A relative newcomer to the Vancouver roasting scene, Kafka’s moved their coffee roasting program from the US to Canada late last year.

But what a year it’s been.

I’ve noticed a sharp uptick in the quality of their roasts and a welcome edging towards lighter roasts.

1. Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters – Winner of The 10 Best New Coffee Roasters in Vancouver 2023

Smoking Gun Coffee Shop

It’s been an absolute honour to watch Brandon and his team at Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters grow from strength to strength over this past year.

Sure, they’re not technically in Vancouver. But who cares, they’re close enough and their coffee is awesome.

You can expect a wide range of types of roast, from darker to lighter.

All of them are well-balanced, delicate and a dream to brew.

For those of you that are looking to get into home roasting, know this:

Brandon started his roasting career only a few years ago, on a Behmor coffee roaster that looks like a toaster.

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