Best New Coffee Shops in Vancouver 2022

The 10 Best New Coffee Shops in Vancouver 2022

The 10 Best New Coffee Shops in Vancouver 2022

Day one of The Snobby awards is here and we start it off with the newest category: Best New Coffee Shops in Vancouver 2022.

The criteria for this list is that each nominee must have opened their doors this year.

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OK, back to the list of the Best New Coffee Shops in Vancouver 2022.

10. Kits Beach Coffee

1945 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1C8


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What started life as a little coffee cart on Kits beach rapidly evolved into a bright and beautiful beachside coffee shop.

You can expect house roasted coffee, along side local classics like House of Funk and Pallet.

9. Saunter Coffee

 321 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T3


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Saunter is a fairly new addition to Gastown… or is it Crosstown… or is this Downtown?

I don’t know – it’s nice though. Classic Gastown brick with a great lineup of coffee from Detour.

8. Paragon Tea Room

3361 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W6

Teaspresso machine at Paragon tea Room

OK, I know, not technically a coffee shop.

But I don’t care, because their tea is SO damn good and they recently opened a new shop on Cambie and 16th-ish.

You can expect a truly unique experience with their funky teaspresso machines. Kind of a cross between an espresso machine and traditional tea brewing.

The results are incredible.

7. Aiyaohno Cafe

425 Carrall Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 6E3


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OK I’ll be honest here, I’ve not been to this place. But it looks great.

It’s inside the old Iktsuarpok location and they look to be slinging lots of veg/vegan food too.

I’ll report back on my findings soon.

6. Timbertrain Port Moody

3001 St Johns St, Port Moody, BC V3H 2C4


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I’ve been waiting for version 3 of Timbertrain for what feels like forever!

It’s an absolutely stunning venue in the ever-popular Port Moody.

You can expect the usual incredible high-end coffee from Timbertrain, in a stylish and warm venue.

5. Oide Coffee

550 Clark Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3H7


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The gang from Iktsuarpok are back, only this time they’re in the old Agro location!

You can expect coffee bought in from all over the place – Canada, UK, USA etc. It’s all the insanely high end stuff you’d expect from this amazing husband and wife duo.

4. Cafe Club

1018 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2Y2


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Vancouver’s first fully digital cafe!

What this means is that all of the transactions are via their app. You order, pay and pickup without ever having to get your wallet out.

Their coffee lineup is from Nemesis, Detour and Moving Coffee. Their tea selection is from the aforementioned Paragon Tea Room.

3. C Market (Port Coquitlam)

820 Village Dr #110, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 0G9


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C Market’s new location in Poco is a staggeringly beautiful and huge venue with heaps of parking outside.

They have their usual food game (amazing sweet and savory options) as well as house-roasted coffee that includes some of the best medium roast I’ve ever had!

2. Isetta Cafe Bistro

4360 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1P1


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Isetta is a staggeringly beautiful cafe, tucked away in the absolute middle of West Van nowhere!

While it’s a bit of a treck to get to, it’s SO very much worth the trip.

Fantastic coffee from Nemesis, in house food (the Cacio e Pepe carbonara thingie is nuts) as well as some killer baked treats.

1. Kafkas Yaletown

860 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3B4

Kafka’s new location takes the top spot, and we can damn well see why.

The venue is this weird triangle shaped building, set in a park with vaulted walkways, tucked away on the edge of Yaletown.

Inside the decor is bright, neon and truly unique!

While the coffee selection is a tiny bit lacking (no pour overs) the majority of the Kafka’s house roasted lineup is in there.

Last visit I had an Americano and it might go down the best I’ve ever had in my life, no joke.

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