Everbean Review

Everbean Review
15331 16 Ave #106
BC V4A 0C1
(604) 531-3383
Amazing coffee selection for the area
Incredible Scones
Amazingly friendly staff
It's in White Rock, so it takes several days to drive there from Vancouver
The Rexall is a bit of an eye sore

Everbean: The last great coffee stop, before leaving Canada (or entering it)

I know what you’re thinking.


We all love to bash Surrey because it makes us feel high and mighty.

Apparently, we feel Superior because we pay $2500 for 1-bed basement suite 10 blocks from Kits beach.

But TECHNICALLY we live in Kits and that’s the most important thing.

Plus,  Surrey is the place where all the naughty people of BC live, right?

Real talk – I grew up in the “Stabbing Capital of the UK”.

You Canadians can be really dramatic sometimes.

Nevertheless, I pulled up my preconceived notion pants, hid my money in my socks and got in the car for the scariest part of BC.

Turns out Surrey is delightful and has an absolutely killer coffee shop right in the heart of the poshest part: White Rock.

Today we’re going on a trip to Everbean:

Gastown quality coffee, family-style service and the best goddamn scones outside of England.

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What’s the Coffee Like at Everbean?

Everbean is a multi-roaster and brings in coffee from around the city.

Get lucky and you may even find beans on their shelf from the other side of Canada (at the time of writing, Hatch is available).

Naturally, I used Siply to purchase my drinks, and got a sneaky little discount when I did!

Pour Over

Pour Over Coffee at Everbean

Beans: Luna

That’s right! Darlings of the Vancouver coffee scene are representin’ in Surrey!

This was bright, fruity and incredibly tea-like.

Pour over being made

Everything you’d expect from a Luna coffee, made perfectly.


Cortado being held

Beans: 49th Parallel Middle School

Middle School Roast is definitely my preferred bean from 49th for their espresso. This was rich, sweet and the toffee notes were huge.

The milk was steamed perfectly and at an ideal temperature.

I couldn’t have improved anything about it.

What’s the Food Like at Everbean?

Egg Bacon and Cheese Scone

Egg and Cheese Scone

I’m not a religious person, but praise some form of deity, this thing was biblical!

Firstly, I’m almost certain that this is made of 100% butter.

From the second it hits your lips, it melts into a cacophony of rich savoury flavours.

The eggs were delicately soft. The bacon, rich and salty and the cheese added some great umami to the team.

But my god, that scone.

I could honestly eat these things every day and I wouldn’t even use cutlery… or my hands.

That’s right, I’d go in face first.

No regrets

In addition to the scone, they have a decent selection of other light lunch items and plenty of cookies and other treats.


Everbean is run by an amazing wife-husband pair called Jessie and Chris. Both are extreme coffee nerds who know a huge amount about their drink selection.

They have a selection of long-term staff who are just as enthusiastic about their coffee as the owners.

Inside of Everbean

Every single time I’ve been for a visit, I’ve been treated like royalty!

I watched them treat every person the same. Chatting with them about their day, recommending food, laughing and joking.

And you can REALLY tell the public loves it. There’s always a steady stream of smiling faces at the bar.


This is an interesting one to review because it’s kind of strange in Everbean.

From one angle it’s a beautifully bright and inviting setup, with balloons, plants and embroidered art on the wall.

Espresso Machine

Then, from the next angle, it’s a large, windowed dining area, with lots of seating and a beautiful patio.

Inside of cafe

From the final angle, it’s a Rexall.

You see, Everbean is in the Lobby of Abby Lane Health Center.

But they have no control over that, so I will end with saying that with the space they’ve got, they’ve used it really well.


It’s in White Rock, so it takes several days to get there from Vancouver.

But once you’ve arrived it’s a really simple place to find.

It’s very close to several bus stops if you’re insane enough to use them to get here from the City.

There’s a massive underground parkade and lots of street parking if that’s full.

The only downside is that the locals REALLY hate it when you describe White Rock as Surrey.


The Surrey area is almost always centred around dark roast coffee, so it’s a delight to see light roast get highlighted in the way that Everbean is doing it.

(Even if they’re not technically in Surrey).

Your visit is almost certainly going to be accompanied by the feel-good service of their staff. But if that doesn’t please you then just try the scones.

In conclusion, if you’re still unhappy after eating those, then there’s no saving you.

You monster.