Wicked Cafe

Wicked Cafe

Wicked cafe is a great little coffee shop hidden in the back roads of Fairview. It’s not much to look at (seriously guys, give the outside a spruce up) but it’s got great food, friendly staff and a decent cup of caffeine.


12oz Latte – $3.60
Whenever I see Intelligentsia beans I have about a 50/50 chance of getting a good cup of coffee. They’re great beans but my assumption from this is that they’re not easy to work with, so it very much depends on the skill level of the barista. Thankfully Wicked Cafe has excellent baristas and this latte was fantastic! The milk was a great temperature and consistency, the espresso was not too strong but if I’m getting picky, the latte art wasn’t up to much.
12oz London Fog – $3.35
Good milk temperature and texture, not too sweet and an overall great flavour.


Breakfast Muffin
Every coffee shop does a breakfast muffin and Wicked Cafe is no different… aside from one aspect- theirs is the best. On the face of it there’s not much different than any other cafes version; you’ve got an English muffin, egg, tomato, cheese and usually some ham/bacon. Whatever they do with this combination is amazing though, because it’s honestly one of the best I’ve ever had.

There were lots of other food options, ranging from cooked savory, to sweet pastries and cookies.


It’s not far from the start of the south Granville strip, just a block in from the noisy action. There’s plenty of paid, on street parking and buses stop a block away.


The venue isn’t great from the outside, it’s in desperate need of a new awning / a clean. However, inside it’s well appointed, if basic. There’s a decent amount of seating inside (bonus points for large communal tables) and a few seats outside for when the weather is nice.


Basic and could definitely use a clean. There’s obviously a shortage of storage space as there’s lots of cleaning products visible. There were lots of paper towels on the floor despite the fact it was 7am.


The baristas were great, even though it was so early! Very friendly, informative and cracked jokes with me. When asked about the coffee they made sure to answer all my questions accurately (even discussing the answer between other staff members) and quickly. Great work!

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