Hopwired Festival was a Fantastic, boozy good time

Hopwired Announces Full Vendor Lineup (and it’s epic)

You’ve probably seen a bit of buzz about this already. In case you haven’t, though, Hopwired is back!

February 2018 saw Canada’s very first coffee beer festival, with local breweries pairing up with local coffee roasters to create a staggering amount of coffee beer. The end result, Hopwired, was a massive amount of fun, that resulted in a very tipsy and very wired coffee snob.

Beanstock Festival was a Fantastic, boozy good time

The Lineup

This year promises to be even bigger, with triple the number of vendors, much more space, panel talks (hosted by yours truly) and awards. Not to mention, Mike, one of the organizers, getting the best cardio workout of his life as he runs about the place like a crazy bugger, trying to make sure we all have fun.

The full list of collabs

2 Crows Brewing + Agro Roasters

A-Frame Brewing + Mischief Coffee

Backcountry Brewing + Counterpart Coffee

Blind Enthusiasm Brewing  + Transcend Coffee

Coal Harbour Brewing + Sacred Acre Coffee

Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel + Smoking Gun Coffee

Field House Brewing + Smoking Gun Coffee

Firehall Brewery + Wolf Tree Coffee

Fuggles and Warlock Craftworks – Notch Coffee

Lighthouse Brewing + Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe

OT Brewing  + Monogram Coffee

Powell Brewing + Agro Roasters

Ravens Brewing + Rooftop Coffee Roasters

Russell Brewing + Roasti Coffee Company

Silver Valley Brewing + Smoking Gun Coffee

Sooke Oceanside Brewing – Stick in the Mud

Spinnakers Brewpub – Foglifter Coffee

Sundown Beer + Mountain’s Edge Coffee

Temporal Artisan Ales + Primer Coffee

Twin Sails Brewing + Prototype Coffee 

Wild Ambition Brewing + Canoe Coffee

Beanstock Festival was a Fantastic, boozy good time

The Rest of the Vendors

Beere Brewing
Breakside Brewing
Caffe Monte
Cartem’s Donuts
Case Study Coffee
Chronicle Coffee
De Mello Coffee
DownLow Chicken
Eleven Speed Coffee
Explorers Coffee
Gigantic Brewing
Ile Sauvage Brewing Co.
Luppolo Brewing
Mariner Brewing
Mogiana Coffee
Nickel Brook Brewing
North West Hop Farms
Rithet Coffee Company
Steamworks Brewing
Steel and Oak Brewing
Taylight Brewing
Timbertrain Coffee
Townsite Brewing
Yellow Dog Brewing

If you’re interested in coming to Hopwired here are the details:

Hopwired 2019
Date: Feb 23rd 1pm-5:30
Location: Croatian Cultural Center
Tickets: https://www.universe.com/events/hopwired-festival-tickets-vancouver-6T09C1
Website: www.hopwiredfest.com