Transcend Coffee Brings the Fancy

Transcend Coffee Brings the Fancy

Edmonton roaster Transcend Coffee recently reached out to me to explain an awesome new project they have just kicked off.

The 50 Pound Project has been built to showcase 12 different coffees over 12 months, all of them featuring some sort of x-factor, such as a unique variety (August is a Geisha), an experimental production technique or just a plain old outstanding coffee.

All of the coffees are graded above 88 on the cupping table, meaning you’re going to be getting some really premium coffee to drink.

OK, I know this is sounding like an ad (it’s not), so promotional blurb aside, why do you want this?

First off, with all the ridiculous C-Market stuff going on right now, it’s more important than ever to support smaller/micro farms.
They’re focusing on unique production and variety types. Innovation in the coffee scene can only be good for us nerds. Without this kind of work do you think you’d have ever tried a coffee with blueberry notes?
They’re a Canadian company. Admittedly they’re dirty Albertans, but we won’t hold that against them (just kidding about the Albertan comment (Calgary raised) Mrs VancouverCoffeeSnob)!
You get tons of value-add with each bag – brew guides, roast info, videos and more. It’s pretty rare you get much more than a small brew guide these days.
The green beans are fully traceable and roasted in Canada.
The lineup is NUTS

Bags are limited to 100 per month, so get in there asap.

If you’re interested in this subscription you can check out their website:

Or visit their company website: