Cast your vote in the 2018 Snobby Awards and win 100 cups of coffee

Cast your vote in the 2018 Snobby Awards and win 100 cups of coffee

It seems like we were only doing the 2017 Snobby Awards the other day, but a whole year has passed since we last voted for the best coffee shops in Vancouver! Not to mention the best coffee roasters and the best brunch in Vancouver!

2018 has been an even more crazy year than 2017. In the greater Vancouver area, we’ve seen at least fifteen new coffee shops open up over the summer alone, as well as loads more earlier in the year. It’s a better time than ever to try to find the best coffee in Vancouver!

But that’s easy to talk about, isn’t it? What we want are cold, hard facts. Which coffee shop is actually the best? Who really does roast the best beans and just where is the best brunch?

The 2018 Snobby Awards

Aka ‘The Snobbies’, these are a yearly survey of thousands of readers, to understand who stands above everyone else in the Vancouver coffee rankings.

This year I’m also giving away 100 cups of coffee to celebrate the awards. To enter to draw, just add your email address in the survey when prompted. Simple!

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED – Thanks for taking part

To those of you that have supported this website over the past three and half years, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve had SO much fun writing, chatting, memeing and sparring with you all. I can’t wait for the next decade of it. 2019 is going to be a HUGE year of coffee. I’ve got some amazing plans to help put our city on the global map for coffee and you’re all going to be on the front lines for it! A few of you have asked how to financially support this site and honestly, I run it at a loss because I know it helps the coffee scene. But if you really want to get involved then I’ve set up a Patreon account here.

Thanks, everyone, I love you all and not in a creepy way I swear!

OK maybe a bit of a creepy way.