Hopwired Collaborations

Hopwired Collaborations

You may have seen a few posts recently about the upcoming coffee beer festival ‘Hopwired’, including our recent Q&A with the organiser, Mike. Well, we’re happy to get to be the ones to break some great news – we’ve got the list of the Hopwired collaborations and they’re awesome!

Each one of these collaborations will be producing a coffee beer, specifically for the festival. I’ve spoken to a few of the roasters and it sounds like there are some very interesting plans for this event.

Here’s the full list of the Hopwired collaborations:

1914 Coffee & Galileo Coffee with Backcountry Brewing

1914 coffee have arguably the most ridiculously large and high-quality lineup of coffee in Canada, so this one should be unique. Buggered if I know what though!

Agro Roasters + Doans Craft Brewing Company

Agro made it to our Top 10 Roasters list this year so I’m expecting the coffee part of this beer to be exceptional.

De Mello Palhetta + 33 Acres Brewing Co.

This one I’m really looking forward to. De Mello has been one of my favourite roasters in Canada for ages and 33Acres have one of the best beer lineups in town, as well as a solid coffee element to their business.

Ethical Bean Coffee + Moody Ales

Definitely more of a big player in town, Ethical are a very large roaster that edge towards the darker end of the roast spectrum. I’m expecting something toasty and rich.

Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe + Lighthouse Brewing Co.

I’m not really familiar with Fresh Cup, but I’ve been to lighthouse brewery and loved their coffee lager from a few years ago.

Milano Coffee Roasters + Faculty Brewing Co.

I think these are the first pair that are actually within walking distance of each other! I wonder if we’ll see something espresso based, as Milano are famous for theirs.

Modus Coffee + Four Winds Brewing Co.

The lineup from Modus has been outrageously good this year, so I’m very excited to see what they put out.

Notch Coffee + Fuggles and Warlock Craftworks

Their Bean me Up Stout was my favourite coffee beer of 2015, so I’m expecting big things from this collaboration.

Pallet Coffee Roasters + Steamworks Brewing Co.

Last year they produced a coffee infused white stout, by steeping whole beans in the brew. It was delicious. Plus. Pallet won Coffee Roaster of 2017.

Prototype Coffee + Luppolo Brewing Company

Hopwired Collaborations

Newbies Prototype have been wowing Vancouver with some incredible roasts right out of the gate. They’re fresh to the scene (well for roasting anyway) and heavily hyped, this one should be interesting

Republica Coffee Roasters + Trading Post Brewing

Republica roast dark, strong and intense. I’m predicting a stout or porter, much like their breakfast stout.

Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters + Field House Brewing Co.

I noticed on the Smoking Gun Instagram page there was a lighter coffee beer. Could this be what we’ll see at Hopwired?

White Goat Coffee + Sherwood Mountain

If I’m being honest I’d not heard of either of these two, but I’m pumped to see what coffee beer is like from the northern reaches of BC.

One more collab to look forward to: