A box of Brew Perfect Coffees

Brew Perfect Box Competition

Brew Perfect Box Competition

A month or two ago I was contacted by someone called Bal, who told me she wanted to meet to chat about a new project she was working on called Brew Perfect.

Bal from Brew Perfect

The idea is simple – you subscribe to her service and in return she sends you a bunch of coffee.

You choose from their selection of either Fruity and Complex, Bold and Rich or Baristas Choice coffees (the latter of which is a curated selection that could include either).

You then choose how many bags you want and whether you want them monthly or bimonthly.

Then you sit back and wait!

The coffee arrives in the mail in a nice branded box (which by the way you can smell across the house!) and contains a few print outs with information about the coffee and it’s origins.

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen a bunch of different subscription boxes kicking around the place (hell even my Siply project started life as a subscription box idea called GlobalRoastery), so why should you choose Brew Perfect?

Tell me VCS, why SHOULD I choose Brew Perfect?

A box of Brew Perfect Coffees

Reason 1 – They absolutely NAILED the first month

In my first months box, I got:

Modus Coffee Roasters – HIRO. It’s a Costa Rican bright and fruity coffee that I would have sworn came from Africa it’s so citrusy!

Bag of Hiro coffee

Pallet Coffee Roasters – Burundi. This made it to my favourite coffee list a month or two back. It’s sweet, syrupy and juicy.

Bag of Pallet coffee

49th Parallel – Honduras. Another killer coffee. Whilst not quite as bright as the above, it definitely holds it’s own with some really balanced flavours

Bag of 49th Parallel Coffee

Reason 2 – They’re local

Brew Perfect is based in Vancouver, so you’re supporting a local company. Add to the fact that it’s a company started by an immigrant and you can get all sorts of warm and fuzzies.

Which brings me to…

Reason 3 – It’s run by an awesome Brit!

I mentioned Bal earlier. She’s the mastermind behind Brew Perfect.

Bal from Brew Perfect

As you can see above, she doesn’t take herself too seriously. (Side note, turns out I’m the most awkward director when it comes to photography and saying “be less creepy” is not what someone wants to hear when they’re being shot!).

As I mentioned earlier, Bal is from the UK, so she immediately gets my support! Sadly though, she’s from the area of the UK where we house all the poor people; the Midlands.

That’s OK though, as she’s made her way over to Vancouver permanently, so at least she’s got good taste in cities!

OK, onto the free stuff

Bal and the Brew Perfect crew have been generous enough to donate a freebie to be so I can give it away to one of you rabble. And when I say I freebie I mean a pretty freaking awesome freebie.

This competition is for two bags of coffee beans delivered monthly for 3 months.

To enter, all you need to do is fill in the form below and you’ll be added to my mailing list (this is actually pretty exciting because I just launched my new mailing list welcome sequence last night, so you’ll be the first to read my new autoresponse to you entering). In a week I’ll be announcing the winner on my Instagram Stories.

This competition is just for people with a Canadian address though I’m afraid.

Fill out my online form


What if I want to buy now?

Got ya covered!

Head over to www.brewperfect.com and use the code COFFEESNOB to get a whopping 50% off the order of your first box.

Follow them on Instagram here.

Follow them on Facebook here.