The Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver

The Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver

It’s been a wild and wacky year in 2015, searching for the best coffee shops in Vancouver! I’ve had some of the most delicious coffee I’ve ever tried and some of the worst. I’ve met some of the most friendly baristas I’ve ever met and have been chased out of other coffee shops! I’ve eaten some food that has blown my mind and I’ve been surprised I didn’t get ill from some of it!

Overall we live in a city that has an incredible coffee scene, so without further ado, to end 2015, here is our list of the best coffee shops in Vancouver

10. Elysian Coffee

1778 W 5th Ave, Vancouver
(604) 734-1778

Elysian Coffee

There are a few Elysian coffee shops around Vancouver but we’re singling out the venue on 5th as our favorite for 2015. Consistently great coffee, some of the best cookies you can find in the city and staff who are always friendly and chatty.

9. 49th Parallel Cafe and Luckys Donuts

2198 W 4th Ave
(604) 420-4901

Parallel 49

Some of the most consistent beans you can find in Vancouver, 49th Parallel’s cafe on 4th avenue is a spacious and beautiful venue, with a great selection of coffee drinks and a plethora of gourmet donuts.

8. Beaucoup Bakery

2150 Fir St


Those truly serious about croissants only need apply here – Beaucoup Bakery has the best croissants in the city and, in this snobs opinion, they’re indistinguishable from anything I’ve had in Paris, France! Jackie Ellis, the owner, has mastered her pastry craft and we’re the lucky audience.
49th Parallel beans are used to make their excellent drinks and their staff are always welcoming.

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7. Cafe Bica

1809 Fir Street
(604) 733-8818

Cafe Bica

If you go to Cafe Bica for only one thing, let it be their custard tart! It’s an absolute revelation in dessertry. It doesn’t hurt that their coffee is also outstanding. One of the best lattes in town here, served with Intelligentsia beans.

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6. Timbertrain

311 W Cordova St,


Housing some truly outstanding baristas, Timbertrain is always a friendly place to get an exceptional cup of coffee. For a real treat, try their ‘Nitro Cold Brew’ – cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen, served up like a Guinness!

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5. Chambar

568 Beatty St
(604) 879-7119


Masters of customer service, Chambar offers a full restaurant experience at night, but I recommend the breakfast/brunch scene for lavender infused lattes and some of the best brunch food in the city.

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4. Platform 7

2300 West Broadway,
(604) 620-2717

A Latte baguette and chocolate brownie at platform 7 cafe

Both Platform7 locations are excellent places to drink coffee, however the Kitsilano venue wins by a hairs breadth for us. Multiple brew types of coffee are available using Stumptown beans and if you’re lucky you’ll get some amazing latte art from their award winning baristas.

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3. Revolver

325 Cambie St
(604) 558-4444


Probably the most famous coffee shop in Vancouver, Revolver offers up a huge selection of beans with a huge selection of brew methods. Try the coffee cake, it’s ridiculously good.

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2. Aubade

230 E Pender Street

Coffee equipment on a wooden bench

Don’t mess with the coffee knowledge of Eldric, the owner of Aubade. Easily the best “pure” coffee shop in Vancouver (no snacks, no wifi, just coffee). Expect an immersive coffee experience, sharing every step of the brew process with a true master of his craft. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a great conversationalist!

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1. Medina

780 Richards St
(604) 879-3114


World class food from this brunch cafe / coffee shop. Lines for a table are often 1hr+, which should tell you everything you need to know about Medina. For the best experience try to get a seat at the bar; it’s more personal and much easier to get a seat at. 49th Parallel beans are used to make some of the best lattes I’ve had in Canada, let alone Vancouver.

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