Cafe Bica

Cafe Bica

Jan 2017: Note that Cafe Bica is now closed and has been replaced with a Prado Cafe.

An incredible latte and an truly outstanding custard tart, Cafe Bica definitely lived up to it’s reputation. However, their breakfast sandwich was a real let down, despite being visually appealing.

12oz Latte: $3.75
Wow – this was one of the best coffee’s I’ve had in ages. The espresso (Intelligentista beans) was masterfully pulled, the milk was exactly the right temperature and the mouth feel was exquisite. One of the most perfectly balanced lattes I’ve ever had.

Breakfast Bacon Sandwich: $4.65
Custard Tart: $2.80
Well I’m torn here – on one side of things I just experienced possibly the most delicious custard tart I’ve ever tasted. On the other hand, their breakfast sandwich was really uninspiring.
The custard tart was a masterpiece. The custard was smooth, velvety and had a perfect balance of sugar and vanilla flavour. The pastry was moist and delicate.
The breakfast sandwich looked beautiful and the egg wasn’t overcooked (despite it being reheated). The whole thing was unfortunately lacking in flavour and very dry. The egg yolk, surprisingly, didn’t help with either issue.
Aside from those two items there were loads of different cakes, cookies and pastries. As well as a few savory and sweet breakfast options. There’s a “Bica Breakfast” coming soon which I’ll definitely be back to try.

It’s in kind of an isolated area if you’re just out and about wandering, but it’s surrounded by all the high end car garages, meaning that if you’re out to buy yourself a new Lambourghini you’re probably going to find the location just right. For the rest of us serfs it’s a bit out of the way. Plenty of parking though.

Nice and clean, well presented and well laid out. There’s a communal table that I always love to see. Plenty of seating outside when the weather is good.

Nice enough – clean, tidy and well presented.

Pleasant staff. Polite when spoken to, greeted me on the way in. Answered all my questions well.

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