Container Coffee

Container Coffee

NOTE: This place is now closed and has been replaced with a GREAT Elysian coffee.

You’d be forgiven for not noticing Container Coffee, as it’s a rather nondescript coffee shop located at the bottom of the bright and obvious Burrard Hotel. I’d highly recommend a visit, though, as you’ll be met with incredibly friendly staff and really excellent coffee, just stay away from the food.


Latte – $4
Okay so the latte art was not up to much, but that’s fine because I really enjoyed this well made drink. The milk was a great temperature and it offset the nice sweet espresso shot it was made with. The beans used were from Matchstick Coffee Roasters, which is always a good sign.

Container Coffee also serves alcohol, should you want to make your iced capp adult style!


Lemongrass pesto chicken sandwich – $6.95
Oh dear, what a disaster this was. The chicken was sliced, processed and had an unpleasant sliminess to it. Honestly I wondered if it was maybe past it’s best. The (I think) artichokes in it were hugely distracting to the flavour balance and even after I’d removed half of them unfortunately I still ended up leaving most of the sandwich.


A pretty decent location, it’s very close to the downtown core of shops as well as being very close to Davie street. There are plenty of buses that stop close by, as well as lots of parking (but it’s downtown so it’ll cost you).


Nice and clean, but nothing special compared to the many other stylish coffee shops in the area.


Clean and well maintained, no complaints from me here.


Excellent! The staff were friendly, they answered all my questions well and were very polite. They also took time to come over and chat with a free bowl of popcorn as I was eating, which was a nice touch.

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