Kafka's is Now Roasting Coffee

Kafka’s is Now Roasting Coffee

Listen up everyone – Kafka’s is Now Roasting Coffee.

Wait, I thought they already roasted coffee?

Well, they sort of did. But someone else took care of most of the work for them, down in the US.

Now they’re roasting it themselves, with their own hands. And I guess eyes and noses and whatever else you probably end up burning when coffee roasting.

Tell me About the Coffee

You’ve potentially already tried their coffee, so you probably know what to expect. Slightly toastier medium-dark level roasts, but with some exceptional flavours.

I tried their Guatemala and their Ethiopian.

The Guat was rich, malty, chocolatey and full of caramel sweetness.

The Ethiopian was juicy as hell, with nice fruit notes and syrupy sweetness.

Here’s more info, right from the horse’s mouth (not that any of them look like horses):

Kafka's is Now Roasting Coffee

Vancouver’s Kafka’s is Now Roasting Coffee

The first Kafka’s Coffee location opened in 2010 with an enduring goal of serving quality coffee to the Mount Pleasant community. To complement their three Vancouver locations and coffee truck and bring a whole new level of service to their community of coffee lovers. Kafka’s is taking the next step of sourcing and roasting their own coffee.
“Coffee has always been our greatest passion, and roasting allows us to showcase our deep respect for the full coffee-making process,” explains Aaron Kafka. “With tremendous support and mentorship from our previous supplier of 11 years, Herkimer Coffee Roasters in Seattle, we are ready to launch our own line of coffee.”

What About the New Coffee?

Focusing on fresh-crop coffee and longstanding relationships with farmers and importers, Kafka’s will be roasting beans weekly and serving their proprietary coffee and espresso at all three shops, with bags available for brewing at home or office. They also plan on tapping into the wholesale market with coffees specifically roasted for cafés and restaurants. Harvested in 2021 from Ethiopia and Guatemala, Kafka’s inaugural batches of single-origin beans spotlight their seasonal approach to coffee sourcing. Different fresh-crop beans sourced directly from farmers around the globe will be offered in conjunction with following each region’s individual harvest season; Kafka’s have already secured their next coffees from Colombia and El Salvador.
Men cupping Coffee
Paul Rose, Kafka’s general manager and coffee roaster, has been with the company for over 10 years. His singular dedication to serving great coffee consistently at the Main Street, Great Northern Way, and Gastown locations is an intrinsic part of Kafka’s success. Taking his commitment to the next level, Paul has added roasting to his list of responsibilities. Mel Akdoğan is the manager of Kafka’s on Main and will be responsible for coffee training and tasting, while Aaron is in charge of green-bean purchasing and quality assurance. Together, the trio will be ‘cupping’ every batch so Aaron and Paul can make subtle adjustments to achieve consistent, optimal results.

Kafka’s Coffee Roasting current lineup:


Espresso Blend

Brazil and Ethiopia beans provide cherry, cocoa, cardamom, and demerara sugar notes. This espresso shows lots of sweetness and balanced acidity. Beautiful as a straight shot or with steamed milk.


A prototypical washed Ethiopian coffee, Yirgacheffe Kochere heirloom varietal is grown at a high elevation and has notes of jasmine, bergamot, and rosehips. Kafka’s has been serving this coffee for years, and now they have developed their own take on the roast profile.


Red Bourbon cultivar from Milagro El Crucero is grown at an elevation of 1700 MASL and washed. Producer Juan Villatoro and his family are regular competitors at the Cup of Excellence. This classic coffee style of Huehuetenango is praised for its mild body and rich characteristics of tangerine, caramel, and malt with sparkling acidity.

Simpler Times Blend

A versatile, delicious, and crushable coffee. Simpler Times is a blend of carefully selected beans with classic and familiar coffee flavours. This balanced coffee is great on its own and pairs gracefully with food. It’s best enjoyed with one of Kafka’s savoury breakfast sandwiches or famous chocolate-chip cookies.
Available now at all three locations and for online purchase at kafkascoffee.ca. Kafka’s Coffee Roasting beans are priced between $20 and $24, and packaged in 340 g bags for at-home brewing. Kafka’s launched a new online store in conjunction with their coffee release. They sell Kafka’s beans and merch along with ESPRO Bloom pour-over coffee brewing systems. Wholesale inquiries can also be made through the website.