Learn to Pour Amazing Lattes

Learn to Pour Amazing Lattes: Two Amazing Classes to Help

Level Up your Home Coffee Brewing Game: How to Learn to Pour Amazing Lattes

The last 18 months have seen a rapid uptick of people brewing coffee at home.

More specifically people who are trying to recreate that delicious espresso + milk experience you get in cafes.

There’s no better feeling than sipping on an amazing specialty coffee first thing in the morning but is it HARD to learn.

Making perfect latte art is a form of, well, art

Art is creativity, skill and passion.

Learn to Pour Amazing Lattes class - Rosetta Latte Art

Coffee shares all these artistic qualities that bring out that perfect cup.

There are four main steps in making great latte art:

  1. The grind
  2. The extraction
  3. Milk texturing/heating
  4. Pouring the milk.

Every step in the process is just as important as the other – requiring technique and practice.

The basics of making an espresso

When it comes to espresso, under-extraction is the term for a way-too-sour shot.

On the other hand, your shot will taste bitter if you’ve over-extracted.

The essence of good espresso revolves around quality beans, grind size and water flow.

When the ratio is correct, the process extracts the best flavour.

A simple mistake in grams or seconds can ruin the whole taste.

Learn to Pour Amazing Lattes: A group learning

What about latte art?

If you like your coffee with milk, you must have come across latte art in many fascinating patterns.

For latte art, the milk needs to be smooth, silky, and not too hot.

Like the grind, this is a step that many fail. It can be super frustrating to get beyond a foamy blob of milk until you can master the ins and outs of steaming and texturizing.

Classes for the coffee enthusiast

Learning how to make awesome coffee can take your love for this drink to a different level.

Coffee Classes at Espressotec

Serious foodies are signing up in droves for classes to perfect their culinary skills.

In contrast, home baristas who’ve invested in some top-notch coffee equipment are relying on trial and error methods in the hopes of emulating the pros at the local coffee shop.

Stop wasting all those specialty coffee beans!

Of course, your pro barista has invested many hours in their coffee education, but you can pick up some basic skills and rules of the game with a Saturday class at Espressotec on Clark Drive.

The Barista Lab at Espressotec

Dedicated to all things coffee, the Barista Lab at Espressotec showcases an array of top-of-the-line espresso equipment.

Line of espresso machines

Add to that Roaster Central’s selection of specialty coffees; second to none in Vancouver.

The Barista Lab is where some serious coffee education begins! With small class sizes, everyone has their designated coffee station and equipment.

You’ll be learning from the best – Crispin Bryce has many years of experience as a professional barista instructor and has taught numerous students of coffee at Espressotec.

Espresso 101 at Espressotec

Just purchased a shiny new espresso machine? Need to refresh and perfect your technique?

Start to learn to pour amazing lattes here, by perfecting the base layer – the espresso shot.

Espresso 101 covers factors like grinding coffee, dosing and tamping.

Group tamping espresso

Learn why water temperature and pressure affect espresso quality.

Once you’re pulling some quality shots, you’ve got the basis for all the espresso-based drinks, including latte, cappuccino, flat white and Americano.

You’ll have hours of practice with a dedicated instructor overseeing your progress.

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Latte Art Classes at Espressotec (Learn to Pour Amazing Lattes)

Creating a heart, tulip or rosetta design requires patience, lots of patience!

Espressotec’s latte art class begins with the basics – milk.

It’s all about mastering the technique of steaming and texturizing the milk – that’s the fundamental skill.

Tulip latte art

If the texture isn’t just right, you’re not going to be able to create well-defined designs.

Next comes pouring techniques, and that’s where an experienced instructor comes in; observe and practice, observe and practice.

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Learn to Pour Amazing Lattes Classes & Schedules

Espresso 101 and Latte Art classes take place Saturdays at Espressotec, 1015 Clark Drive. See the schedules and COVID safety protocols to sign up for a class here:

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