Purebread Hastings

As a former resident of Whistler, I was very excited to see a Purebread open up in Gastown this year. I’m happy to report that it’s even better than the Whistler branch! If you want to be blown away by the most ridiculously large selection of cakes, pastries, cookies, breads and other assorted baked goods then look no further! It doesn’t hurt that their coffee is good too!

12oz Latte – $3.80
A decent effort from the barista here. The milk was a good temperature, consistency was great with a creamy mouth feel, the espresso shot was slightly too strong for the milk volume in my opinion, but overall it was a great coffee. The beans they were serving at the time were from Stumptown.

Rhubarb and Raspberry Biscuit – $3.75
Wow this was good! Absolutely perfect sweetness levels; not too sweet, which trips a lot of bakeries up with this kind of item. The biscuit (which was more like a scone really) was light and fluffy and the berry compote on top was just the right amount to ensure you got a bit of everything with each bite. If they made these the size of a dinner plate I’d probably still be able to finish it!
The rest of the food menu is equally as incredible, just look at the selection here:

I find it hard to go wrong in Purebread, but I’ve only tried about 10% of the selection, as there’s so much there!

One thing worth mentioning is that there’s not a great selection of lunch items. My recommendation is to go to Meat and Bread around the corner to eat lunch, then apres-lunch at Purebread Hastings.

It’s a great location in the area of a few other well known coffee shops and luncheries. It’s easy to access on the bus and there’a a parkade very close by on Pender and Cambie for your car.

Just like the Whistler stores, you barely notice the decor, as the giant display of food immediately distracts you! But it’s a typical Gastown cafe with tall ceilings, white walls and an appropriate amount of wood and metal.

Great. Clean and well maintained.

Awesome! I was in hysterics laughing with both the barista and the employee at the till. I was made to feel very welcome and relaxed at all times. When I dropped my plate and empty glass off I was thanked. Great work Purebread Hastings.

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