Moja Coffee Roasters Commercial Drive

Moja Coffee Roasters – Commercial Drive

A really interesting looking coffee shop / roasters, with their immaculate bean roasting machine on full display, Moja Coffee Roasters on Commercial Drive was a real let down due to the fact that I felt like I got totally screwed out my my money by their surly staff and their incredibly misleading “promo”.

10oz Latte
A very average effort. It looked nice enough, with decent latte art, but there was an over-extracted bitterness to it. The milk was a great temperature and consistency though.
8oz Hot Chocolate
They used Thomas Hass chocolate for this drink, which was actually really quite delicious, despite being only lukewarm. It could have done with a little bit more heat. The flavour was rich and the texture velvety.

Again, a very average effort. It was moist and well presented, but it was overly sweet and the taste was no different to every other run of the mill macaroon out there.
Sadly there are no savory options – it’s only cakes, pastries, cookies and other sweet treats.

Great location – on the north end of the commercial drive strip. Plenty of buses and plenty of on street parking.

Beautiful! The pristine coffee shop has an amazingly polished coffee roasting machine in the middle of the room, behind the counter. There’s plenty of seating and everywhere we tried was comfortable.

Great. Spacious, clean and well maintained.

Terrible. This is where I really start to throw my toys in the review – I despised the staff. Firstly lets talk about the “promo” I alluded to earlier. “Buy any bag of coffee beans and get a free standard drink” – fairly self explanatory, right? Wrong. “Any” bag actually means one bag out of the four options; conveniently the most expensive one. I called them out on this and they flat out refused to honour the deal. They were rude, curt and when a senior barista was consulted she brushed it off without a care and walked off completely ignoring me.
When I questioned them about the types of beans they gave me as little detail as they could with each question.
I’ll never be going back here as I feel I got totally screwed out of my money in a bait and switch.

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