Handbrew Publication Invites You to Help Build a Coffee Mill in Uganda

Handbrew Publication Invites You to Help Build a Coffee Mill in Uganda

Calgary, AB: Handbrew Publication officially launched Wed, May 5th 2021 and has already raised $305 for the mill project.

Handbrew has partnered up with The Chain Collaborative, an educational/humanitarian Non For Profit based in the States, to see the dream achieved.

The first print book of its kind ever released, Handbrew is a collection of some of the best coffee brew recipes from professionals around the world. All three of the Canadian 2020 Barista Champions (Jill Hoff, Benjamin Put, and Cole Torode) have all contributed, alongside many other amazing competitors, roasters, and barista, including Stacey Lynden, David Kim, and Ply Pasarj to name a few.

Now you too can brew competition level coffee following their instructions.

“Reach beyond your own mug and reach for your copy of Handbrew,” says Founder, Kathleen Behrend.

Coffee being poured

The publication is a beautiful gloss print featuring dramatic photography by Travis Broadhead (featuring the hands and gloriously tattooed arms of the founder herself), bios, coffee brew recipes, cocktail recipes, and articles.

Handbrew is using a pre-order, print-on-demand system, which means that no copy is sitting around unwanted and lonely. This lowers the overall environmental impact. All of the profit from the business is being funneled into a construction fund; the goal is to raise the entire $50,000-200,000 that it will take to build the processing mill.

Julius Mbabazi, a Lead Farmer with NAI, stands next to his ripe coffee tree. Through his involvement with NAI, Julius has noticed marked improvements on his farm and looks forward to w

There is a lack of coffee processing infrastructure in the Western Region of Uganda which limits the capacity of farmers to sell directly to exporters, or even export themselves.

Access to a mill will provide training, profit sharing, and clean water, all of which elevate the quality of life in coffee farming communities. Building this mill in Nyamigoye Parish will literally change lives.

From beginning to end, the community impact has been the vision of Handbrew Publication. When we share recipes, when we learn from others, the coffee in our mugs improves. And when we support our coffee farmers, the coffee improves worldwide. 

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About: Handbrew Publication is a Canadian based print magazine-style book of coffee brew recipes collected by the well-connected specialty coffee roaster, Kathleen Behrend. A multi-disciplinary artist, Kathleen has roasted for companies such as Pallet Coffee Roasters, Monogram, Coffee Concept, and many others. Together brewing change.