Cast your vote in the 2021 Snobby Awards


Cast your vote in the 2021 Snobby Awards

I think we can all agree that as wobbly as 2021 was, fuck it, at least it wasn’t 2020.

Vancouver’s sexiest coffee shop awards, The Snobbies™ are back for another season.

Ok maybe it’s just me that thinks they’re sexy, but at least it proves there’s something for everyone.

The 2021 Snobby Awards

In case you’re not aware of what these are, they’re the yearly awards handed out to local coffee businesses.

Last year we had over 6000+ votes and a new category: Best New Coffee Shop, to go alongside Best Coffee Shop and Best Roaster.

This year we have the same setup – you can vote for your favourite in each category and we even have a giveaway.

Win $100 of Coffee Shop Vouchers

If you enter your email address into the voting form you’ll be in the running to win $100 of coffee shop vouchers. You choose the shop, I’ll send you the voucher.

Your email address won’t be sold or spammed to, but you can choose to opt into my email list, where you will get drawn out rambling rants at 4am when I’m drunk.

Cast Your Vote Below

Shops with multiple locations will be counted as one.
Roasters with multiple locations will be counted as one.
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When are the winners announced?

I’ll be announcing the winners of this poll starting on the 27th of December, ending on the 29th. So keep an eye on social media or better yet, go and sign up for my newsletter and get alerted before anyone else:

In conclusion…

I get asked every year “How can I support your blog?”.

Thankfully I have some amazing sponsors by way of Espressotec and Roaster Central.

So right now the major thing you can do to help is to go out frequent the amazing cafes in the city and tell baristas how much you love them.

It’s been a rough couple of years working in the coffee industry and I’m confident they will appreciate it.

Love Tom aka Vancouver Coffee Snob