First look at Prototype Coffee

First look at Prototype Coffee

First look at Prototype Coffee

A couple of years ago you would have found Matt, the founder of Prototype Coffee, at Revolver, managing their famous coffee shop.

Then a short year later you’d have found him at the helm of his new company, roasting coffee as Prototype.

Well, in chronological fashion we now find him taking his next step: he’s opening a coffee shop. I went in for a sneaky peek…

And let me tell you: this shop is going to rock your world.

Photo of coffee shop construction

My world you say?

Damn right! It’s an evolution of the Vancouver coffee scene. Even though it’s just studs and drywall, this place is going to be built to be a totally unique coffee shop experience.

Photo of coffee shop construction close up of wood

Tell us your secrets!

The full details are pretty tightly under wraps, but here’s what we know:

I’ve seen the layout and it’s designed to take the visitor on a journey along the bar to get their coffee. They have loads of open space to prepare your drinks, so you’re going to have a front row seat to the whole process, rather than everything being tucked away.

One of my favourite parts of this journey is that they’re installing a Modbar AV. This will be one of only a few in the city and it allows you a full view of the barista when they make your espresso drinks. The secret of the Modbar is that all the guts of the espresso machine are stored below the counter and all you see is a few shiny metal handles that stick out of the top. These in turn house the portafilter for the espresso and the steam wand for the milk.

Photo of coffee shop construction close up of light

Prototype have been roasting on a Bullet R1 roaster since their inception, but they’re ramping up production by installing another two at their new venue. These are going to be fully visible on the bar, so you can see the beans in action as they’re being cooked!

Photo of coffee shop construction close up of ladder

Cold Brew
With summer rapidly approaching, they intend to become somewhat of a hub for cold brew in Vancouver. I do know more about this, but I’m not at liberty to tell you what it is going to be. However, I can tell you that I’m really excited by what they have lined up here.

Prototype are going to continue to offer the same incredible coffee that has been winning awards for the last couple of years. On a personal note, their Kenyan peaberry has been a particular highlight for me this year and I just finished a cup of it writing this article.

This is still under wraps too, but I can tell you that it’s in the Strathcona area and it’s nice and easy to get to.

They’re aiming to have the whole thing finished and open some time in the Summer 2019. Keep an eye on my Instagram Stories for an exact date when I know it.