The bay at Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast

The Best Coffee Shops on the Sunshine Coast

A Coffee Lovers Guide to the Sunshine Coast

In an attempt to find the best coffee shops on the Sunshine Coast, I’ve been hanging out in some of the local Facebook groups.

The main idea is was get an idea of the general local population and integrate a little… before I start talking smack about their prized cafes.

What I’ve learned is that there are two ways to describe the types of people on the coast:

1) People who you meet in person and are just about the most friendly people I’ve met in BC. I’m talking stop you in the street to tell you how nice your shoes are and “ISN’T IT SO BEAUTIFUL HERE” kind of folk (it is, it’s bloody stunning).

2) Batshit lunatic fucking nut cases that populate the local Facebook groups and insist on turning every conversation or question into a debate about how the NDP is trying to eat their children.

The bay at Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast

Enough foreplay VCS, Where is the best coffee on the Sunshine Coast?

With the aforementioned loony toons in mind, I should caveat this list with the following:

There are lots of coffee shops on the coast.

Many have things that make them great.

But this is a list of the best snobby coffee.

Come at me, “Islanders”.


This weekend is the annual Sunshine Coast Art Crawl.

For those of you that have found your way to this list because of this event, you absolutely MUST visit Eva and Karin Taylor, at stop #35 and #36 on the crawl (they’re in the same building).

Eva specializes in amazingly vibrant coastal paintings:

Vibrant colorful painting of mountain

Karin specializes in Bronze Yoga Bears!

bear sculptures

Both of them can be found at 526 Abbs Road, Gibsons which is just by the Langdale Ferry.

Botany Rd X Brassica Sunshine Coast Art Crawl Weekend Only Coffee Popup

OK, while this isn’t officially affiliated with the SC Art Crawl, it’s happening this weekend so it’s definitely one for the books.

Expect espresso, pour overs and matcha.

Location: Brassica Restaurant
Address: 292 Gower Point Rd
House Roasted (Botany Rd)
Instagram: @botany.rd

The Best Cafes in Gibsons

Beachcomber Coffee

Location: Gibsons
Address: 264 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0
 House Roasted
Instagram: @beachcombercoffee

Beachcomber Coffee Shop

The first thing you’ll notice when you head inside this medium size café is that they have gone absolutely balls to the wall with their branding.

It’s truly a magnificent effort that has been put in to make this space a vibrant, welcoming and modern-looking café.

Their coffee offerings do edge towards the darker end of the spectrum, but they very recently released a really great lighter roast, that they have started to serve on pour over on Sundays (10-2pm) (NOTE: This may no longer be an option – check before going).

Pour over at Beachcomber Coffee on The Sunshine Coast

For food you can find a massive selection of sugary treats, from the local legends Deadly Donuts as well as a variety of wraps on a daily basis.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: If you can, try to stop by the slow bar on Sundays for one of their excellent v60 pour overs. For any other day, consider asking them to make you a cortado in an ice cream cone!

Beachcomber To Go

Location: Gibsons
Address: 900 Gibsons Way #6, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V8
Beans: House Roasted
Instagram: @beachcombercoffee

Latte in cup at Beachcomber Coffee

Same branding, MUCH smaller footprint. Beachcomber to go is a micro-café that has the full lineup of Beachcomber coffee drinks as well as a small selection of donuts.

There’s no seating inside and there’s only enough room for maybe 2 people, so this is the perfect place to stop when you’re heading out of Gibsons, perhaps up the coast further.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: This is the perfect in-out stop if you’re on the way to the Ferry and want a sneaky coffee for the wait. Pop in and grab their medium roast filter coffee and bottle of cold brew for when you make it to Horseshoe bay.

Lone Wolf (Gibsons)


Location: Gibsons
1058 Gibsons Way #101, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V7
House Roasted
Instagram: @lonewolf_coffeeroasters

outside of Lone Wolf Gibsons

Lone Wolf Coffee is probably the consistently lightest coffee I’ve found on the coast. They have a full espresso bar as well as pour over options. They usually have a selection of 3+ different beans that you can take home in bags. All the coffee is roasted in small batches so they’re constantly changing their lineup, which makes it great for repeat trips.

Inside of Lone Wolf Bakery Gibsons

Lone Wolf is primarily a bakery, so for food you have a selection of mind-blowingly delicious sourdough (seriously, this is in the top three I’ve ever tried) as well as fantastic pastries and sweets.

Croissant at Lone Wolf

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: They have a filter coffee on the menu that’s made with a Clever Dripper. Opt for the lightest roast they’ll give you for this one, as this is where their coffee shines. They do, however, make a damn good Oat Milk latte if you’re feeling decadent.

The Shortcut

Location: Gibsons
755 Henry Rd, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V2
Beachcomber Coffee

OK, so the Shortcut most definitely isn’t a coffee shop.

But it is a fantastic little spot to grab some BBQ and diner breakfast style grub as well as a to-go cup of freshly brewed filter coffee. The coffee is always French press light or medium roast using Beachcomber Beans.

BBQ at The Shortcut

It’s location makes it the perfect spot to stop JUST as you’re leaving town.

Or if you’re entering town.

Actually, even if you live in town.

Or if you just like eating food.

Hell, just go if you like chatting to the incredibly friendly business owners.

Or if you like Mustaches.

Fuck it, this place is just such a lovely experience that you should probably stop off if you’re en route to Squamish from Vancouver.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: I always favour the light roast French press, then usually pair it with their Vegan Sando. Seriously, I’m a meathead but this thing is a work of art. My absolute favourite time to go is Sunday, after 1pm. This is the time they start their Sunday special which varies from Smoked Mac and Cheese to chocolate blueberry perogies

Smoke on the Water BBQ Shack

Location: Gibsons
611 School Rd, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V1
Instagram: @smokeonthewaterbbq

Smoke on the Water BBQ Shack

OK this place gets the award for the most surprising addition because it’s a BBQ joint not a café.

First off – I absolutely was NOT expecting it to be a Kafka’s joint.

In fact, this might be the only other place I know of that serves their coffee (other than Kafka’s of course, you smart ass).

The coffee is solid, with an espresso lineup only, but the food is NEXT LEVEL. It’s all smoked that day and they have a lineup of outstanding hot sauces to go with it.

Chicken Burger on plate

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: Americano all the way, with my personal preference for food being their smoky and mouth melting Beef Brisket or the intensely hot El Diablo chicken sandwich (pictured).

Ideas Space

Location: Gibsons
875 Gibsons Way #101, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V8
House Roasted
Instagram: @myideasspace

Coffee and carafe on plate

Now this is most definitely a unique one! It’s primarily an education space, but has a fun little family-run coffee shop in the lobby.

The owners bring their coffee in from The Dominican Republic (where it’s roasted) and serve up a selection of espresso drinks, as well as this enjoyable little Moka pot thingie.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: They opened very recently, so I’ve only tried the above pictured Moka Pot, but it was a fun experience if you like your coffee very, very dark.

The Best Cafes in Sechelt


Location: Sechelt
5641 Cowrie St #102, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A3
House Roasted

Lone Wolf Bakery in Sechelt

This is the OG Lone Wolf cafe. But now it’s actually a coffee counter in Elphi Cycles.

Honestly I’ve no idea what’s going on with this place as they’ve changed owners/brands so much.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: Legit no idea as I’ve not been since the new ownership. But the Elphi guys are awesome so I suspect the coffee is excellent.

Basted Baker

Location: Sechelt
5685 Cowrie St #1, Sechelt, BC V0N 3A0
Instagram: @basted_baker

Outside of Basted Baker on the Sunshine Coast

If you want a Vancouver Brunch experience this is the absolute best place on the coast for it. The food menu is huge, varied and the portions are massive.

One aspect of Basted Baker to consider is that they’re always totally packed.

So get there early to avoid the crowds.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: I’m a huge fan of their Huevos Rancheros, with my drink preference being an Americano with a tiny bit of salt to round out the bitterness. Yes that’s right, I’m advocating for salt in coffee. I plan on making a big stink about this in 2021.

The Best Cafes in Madeira Park


Location: Madeira Park
Address: 12808 Madeira Park Rd #104, Madeira Park, BC V0N 2H1
Beans: Garibaldi Coffee

Holsem Coffee Shop

Holsem (pronounced ‘wholesome’) was formerly a yoga studio, but they pivoted into offering a small selection of espresso drinks because according to Adrian Dix, man buns have a 90% higher chance of spreading the ‘Rona.

They have plenty of parking out front, but stick to the allocated spots or someone might come out and shout at you (happened to us when we stopped to let someone back out of a space we wanted!).

Inside of Holsem Coffee Shop

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: Garibaldi roast fairly dark, so I always choose a slightly bigger Americano to dilute the toastyness. Non coffee drinkers will be really happy with their smoothie selection.

The Best Cafes in Powell River

32 Lakes Cafe and Bakery

Location: Powell River
4707 Marine Ave, Powell River, BC V8A 2L2
House Roasted
Instagram: @32lakescafeandbakery

32 Lakes is a roaster/bakery/coffee shop combo, slinging solid house roasted coffee and some damn tasty eats. They were actually the roastery behind the house espresso at Aubade back in the day!

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: Stick to their lighter roasts if they have them available and be sure to grab a loaf of sourdough if they have any left!

The Best Cafes in Lund

Nancy’s Bakery

Location: Lund
1451 101 Hwy, Lund, BC V0N 2G0
32 Lakes
Instagram: @nancys.bakery


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Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommends: They use 32 Lakes Coffee, so go as light as possible for a snobby palate. Their blackberry cinnamon buns are legendary with the locals.

Zoom out on the map to see more cafe locations.