Bump n Grind Cafe on Granville

Reasonable coffee, average cookies and a smelly barista! Bump n Grind Cafe on Granville would have been much better if I didn’t have a side order of body odor to go with my coffee.

12oz Latte: $4.25
Not a bad effort at a coffee. Visually it was great, with excellent latte art. The taste was extremely lacking a coffee flavour though – my guess is they scrimped on the espresso shots as I definitely could have used another in my drink. The milk was amazing though – perfectly steamed, it was like drinking cream!

An amazing selection of cookies, pastries and other treats. The salted popcorn cookie was pretty average – overly sweet, lacking in any bold flavours and slightly dry.

Just a premium location, daaaaarling. It’s in amongst the south Granville shops, so if you intend to peruse them after, bring money.

Fake wood beam / light features give it a very NY/Gastown look and the overall aesthetic is very pleasing to the eye. I’m dropping two points off this score because the barista was really rather smelly.

Nice and clean, nothing more to say here really.

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