Nemesis Coffee

Nemesis and United Way Expose themselves…. to love!

Nemesis and United Way Expose themselves…. to love!

We all know the boys and girls of Nemesis love a damn good love making sesh. Wait no, I mean they are always ready to pounce on you to show you how strong their love is. Wait…. nupe, their love is so huge that they wear size XL undies to keep it all in. Jesus, this description is so hard. Wait…

Anyways, crap double-entendres aside, on the 12th September they’re about to show you just how much they love you, with a $1 coffee stunt.

Between 10:00am and 1:00pm on, Nemesis patrons can show their local love by gifting the person in line behind them with any drink from Nemesis’ espresso menu — for just one dollar. Each patron will be offered the opportunity to purchase a drink for the next customer. This pay-it-forward coffee chain will last until there is a break in the line, or if a patron chooses not to participate.

If you’re the person that breaks the chain, you’re a tight-fisted asshole and I hope that you get a splinter in your foot.

If you go, be sure to document the whole thing on social media with the hashtag #actsoflocallove.

Because after all, if it doesn’t appear on Instagram, it never happened.