Bel Cafe (Downtown)

It’s in the Georgia hotel, downtown, so of course it’s going to be fancy. Once you get past the hoards of “ladies that lunch”, it’s actually a really great place to grab a cup of coffee. But it’s definitely more expensive than most downtown coffee shops.

20oz Latte
A great match of espresso strength and milk quantity. Very well balanced, nicely presented and enjoyable to drink.

Grilled Chicken Banh Mi lemongrass chicken, black pepper jam, crunchy vegetables, jalapeƱo, cilantro.
A pretty respectable sando, but there was nothing about it that blew my mind. It was a solid effort but I expected more from a cafe that caters itself to the more up market crowd. Definitely needed more chicken in it.
There was an excellent selection of pastries, cookies and macaroons.

In the heart of downtown, you pretty much can’t get a better location. Just steps away from the Granville/Robson chaos, it’s just tucked away enough to be a quiet little oasis for lunch.

Very nicely appointed, but the lunch time rush meant there was a lot of paper towels on the floor and pools of splashed water all over the place.

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