Capstone Tea & Fondue

EDIT: Capstone is now closed permanently

A really fun lunch with fairly average coffee, although it is a ‘tea’ house, not a coffee shop…

A pretty average latte, slightly bitter and the milk was overly hot. To be fair though, this is a tea house, not a coffee shop.

Excellent platter of baby sized sandwiches, cakes and pastries. Great fun to eat and very tasty. Would probably have been a bit overpriced without the Groupon we used.

Capstone is in somewhat of an awkward area – it’s not really the kind of place you’ll often be casually strolling past and there’s not much close to it. It’s located right between Downtown and the West End on Robson street.

Not bad – could have used a clean in the corners but overall cleanliness levels were acceptable.

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