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Olive & Ruby

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9 Coffee

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(604) 801-9600
2839 West Broadway
Mon - Fri: 7am-6pm
Sat: 8am-5pm
Sun: 9am–5pm

Olive & Ruby

Damn it, Olive & Ruby, I used to live two blocks from you, where were you when I needed you!? I’ve since moved across town and now is the time you decide to start your business?! As you can tell, I’m a pretty big fan of Kitsilano’s latest cafe ‘Olive & Ruby’ but pretty sad that it opened up a stone’s throw from where I used to live after I’ve moved!


Olive and Ruby are part of the Siply network of coffee shops. If you buy your drinks through this app you get some pretty amazing discounts.

Cortado – $3.25
Price with Siply – $2.54

Cappuccino – $3.75
Price with Siply – $2.93

Their espresso offerings are all made with beans from Pallet Coffee Roasters (an amazing local roastery) and they’re served up by some really competent baristas. The Cortado had a great balance of espresso to milk, with a great over consistency. The Cappuccino was velvety smooth and again had a great balance of espresso to milk. The drinks themselves were served up in some incredible hand made ceramic mugs, with little gold accents on them, made by local potters Three Corners Artisan.

Olive & Ruby

In addition to these, there are juices and an assortment of teas.


Mixed Berry Acai Bowl – $7.95
The first bite was like being punched in the face with delicious berry fist, the sweet raspberries being the prominent flavour but then the whole thing mellowing out with a touch of mango and dragon fruit. I really, really enjoyed this and it was so large that it never seemed to end (which I very much approve of)! The banana and the granola were mixed throughout and the coconut shavings added texture and flavour. Overall this was one of the best Acai bowls I’ve ever had.

Olive & Ruby

Spanglish Toast
Sourdough is supplied by local baker Beyond Bread and the rest is prepared in house. A great combo of smashed avocado and black beans gives you a healthy and guilt-free breakfast, without feeling like you ate rabbit food.

Olive & Ruby


Olive and Ruby have excelled at choosing the best staff right out of the gate. They’re fun, a little sarcastic (which if you read my reviews you probably already know that I love), they’re familiar with their products and actively encourage conversation among the customers. One barista, in particular, was amazingly energetic and fun, even going so far as to make me a ‘catpurrcino’, with a 3D foam cat poking out of the cup!


Not the biggest but they’ve made the entire thing look pristine with their white-painted walls, natural wood tones, planters all over one side of the venue and a giant painted mural on the other. There’s a massive communal table as well as lots of smaller tables. If tables are not your thing, then how about two beautiful hanging chairs?

Olive & Ruby


OK, apart from my grumblings about this location not being convenient for me anymore, it’s actually a great location. It’s near the corner of McDonald and Broadway, which means there are buses from every direction as well as lots of paid on-street parking as well as some free parking around the back roads. Protip – there’s a Safeway across the road that’s free to park if you are a customer.

Olive & Ruby


The bathrooms are just as stylish as the main venue. The entryway is also covered in more planters, this time telling me I’m sexy. I know, but it’s nice of them to say. The bathroom itself is compact, surgically clean and has great fixtures.

Olive & Ruby


This is a fantastic addition to Kitsilano. From the staff to the coffee, to the food, it’s almost guaranteed to be a success and I’m really happy because that area really needed a great coffee shop.

Olive & Ruby

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