Q&A Session 18: Kelly from Tutti

Q&A Session 18: Kelly from Tutti

Q&A Session 18: Kelly from Tutti

I recently had a nudge from Alison at Espressotec about an interesting new coffee entrepreneur I might be interested in meeting. A couple of emails and a short drive to Squamish later and I was sitting in Kelly Servinskis kitchen, chatting with him and his wife about “Tutti”, their incredible new mobile coffee shop / classic car!

Kelly was nice enough to answer a bunch of my questions about what Tutti is and when we can all drink his tasty coffee.

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Kelly Servinski and I live in beautiful Squamish, BC.

Tutti Car

Tell us a little about Tutti and what you do?

“Tutti” is a fully restored 1977 FIAT 500 Giardiniera that was imported from Italy. I was lucky enough to find it and buy it this spring. It is a very rare car and has some super cool features like suicide doors and a soft top. It was born in Italy and now Squamish is it’s home!

“Tutti” translates to “everyone” in Italian and I thought that was a fitting name for the car in a cute type way but also the idea behind Tutti is to make people happy through the things it does out in the community. Travelling to Italy many times over the years I always liked it when I would be in a cafe and a local would come in and say “ciao tutti!” to their friends, it had such a fun and warm feeling to it that stuck with me. That is the vibe I want people to feel when they connect with little Tutti.

Q&A Session 18: Kelly from Tutti

My two passions are coffee and cycling so Tutti will focus on doing mobile espresso at events, support on cycling group rides, helping brands with creative advertising and whatever else is meant to come its way. When people see it they always smile and that’s a good place to start.

So what kind of engine is in that thing? I’m assuming a V10, supercharged monster with nitrous oxide boosters?

Haha yeah Tutti is not going to win any drag races that’s for sure! It’s a small 2 cylinder engine with a 3-speed transmission. The engine is located in the back of the car and the gas tank and spare tire are under the hood. Tutti is happy taking it slow and enjoying the ride on its 12-inch wheels.

What events can people find you at?

To begin with, Tutti will stay close to home and focus on events in Squamish. For starters, there are some private functions we will be doing with the aim of attending the local farmers market this summer. Keep your eyes open for us at some cycling events in the Sea to Sky too.

What was your decision behind choosing Moja for your coffee?

Taste. I really enjoyed the Imara espresso roast from Moja and my wife Erin did as well so boom that was it. They have been really awesome to work with and as luck would have it the owner Doug also has a really sweet vintage FIAT 500 as well!

Q&A Session 18: Kelly from Tutti

What would you like the people of Vancouver to know about the Squamish coffee scene?

I would like them to know that Squamish has great coffee with awesome people making it happen. Galileo Coffee and Counterpart Coffee roast up here and are wicked. 1914 Coffee Company is also a favourite of mine.

When do you think we might see Tutti in Vancouver?

Hopefully soon! Tutti will make it’s maiden voyage into the big city to visit Moja and also Espressotec as that’s who looks after Tutti’s Rocket Espresso machines. Tutti is stoked to drive across the Lions Gate Bridge for the first time!

Q&A Session 18: Kelly from Tutti

If you could pick one person dead or alive, real or fictional, to have coffee with, who would it be and why?

The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Be great to get him into a bunch of espressos and see what happens next.

Are there any baristas in the local community that are wow’ing you right now?

Mike Chapman owner of 1914 Coffee Company.

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Are there any emerging roasting technologies/beans that you’re excited about at the moment?

I heard about this thing called the Ikawa roaster. Basically the worlds first digital micro-roaster. Super cool and something that anyone keen on roasting coffee could use at home.

Thanks to Kelly and his wife Erin for welcoming me into their beautiful home in sunny Squamish and chatting to me about Tutti.

If you want to keep your peepers on their progress you can follow them on Instagram here.