How To Switch Up Your Coffee Routine

How To Switch Up Your Coffee Routine

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How To Switch Up Your Coffee Routine

When coffee is a part of your morning routine, it is sacred. Some people prefer to make coffee before starting any other aspect of their day. Others save their coffee until they can sit and enjoy sipping out of their favourite mug.

However, like most routines, repetition can become boring very quickly. What may have once been an instant boost of caffeine and serotonin may now be just another morning beverage. If you need something new to revitalize your morning cup of coffee, read our guide on how to switch up your coffee routine.

How To Switch Up Your Coffee Routine: Try New Trends

You may have seen or heard of a new whipped coffee known as Dalgona Coffee. A popular South Korean foam candy first inspired the creation of this whipped coffee. The process for making this viral drink is simple. Mix coffee, sugar, and hot water with a whisk until it reaches a foam consistency, then add cold milk. The result is a cold, fluffy, and sweet drink.

Trying new trends like Dalgona Coffee can help keep your daily coffee routine from becoming repetitive and tiresome. And who knows, you might just find your new favourite coffee drink!

Maybe even try choosing the right roast for your palate.

Freeze Coffee Cubes

Coffee ice cubes

Are you are an avid iced coffee drinker? Then try switching up your coffee routine by replacing your ice cubes with coffee cubes. Coffee cubes are easy to make and take little to no prep time. Use leftover coffee or create a new cup of coffee to pour into a conventional ice tray. When you wake up the following day, pop out your frozen coffee cubes and enjoy your elevated cold brew.

Add Flavor Concentrates

How To Switch Up Your Coffee Routine: Chocolates flat lay

Sometimes your favourite cup of coffee needs a new and refreshing twist. Adding unique flavours to your coffee or experimenting with different creamer flavours is bound to add new excitement to your routine. Consider trying a new flavour with your coffee every morning to give yourself a small surprise. Simple touches of white chocolate, hazelnut, or Irish cream can reinvent your favourite coffee into a daily or weekly treat. With so many different flavours to add to your coffee, your morning beverage will never be boring again.

Add Citrus

How To Switch Up Your Coffee Routine: Citrus flat lay

Citrus flavours might be the missing puzzle piece needed to make your ordinary coffee extraordinary. These types of flavours help neutralize the bitterness of coffee and balance out the acidity in over-oxidized grounds. Citrus ingredients can also bring out an unforgettably crisp and refreshing zest flavour. Orange peels and lemon juice both make simple yet highly transformative changes to any standard cup of coffee.

Small changes can go a long way. If you’ve grown tired of your daily morning coffee routine, consider trying new trends and flavours to bring excitement back to your favourite drink.