French Press coffee on a table with cups

A guide on how to brew coffee at home on a budget

A guide on how to brew coffee at home on a budget

Dare I say it: Happy first “Work from Home” anniversary!

Yeah…you probably don’t need to be reminded of that, right?

So instead, let’s take stock of the situation:

You’ve upgraded to an actual desk instead of the kitchen table. Pasta a la spreadsheets are a distant memory.

laptop in kitchen

You finally splurged on a decent chair. You knew that patio was crap for your back. We knew that patio furniture was crap for your back. You made the right choice.

But what about your at-home coffee situation?

If you’ve always been a coffee-on-the-way-to-work person, we know how much you’re missing that – and your neighbourhood coffee shop misses you too.

This may have led you on a path to looking for coffee brewing equipment.

Bottom line – you just want to brew great coffee at home.

But which way to go?

What do I have to spend?

How complicated are some of those machines?

Let’s walk you through one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to get delicious coffee back into your life.

Where is the best place to buy coffee gear in Vancouver?

I suggest a wander through Espressotec and Roaster Central on Clark Drive.

Espressotec Storefront

In other words, my absolute favourite place to buy coffee gear in Vancouver.

Yes, they’re stocked with beautiful high-end espresso machines and all the associated gear.

Espresso Machines at Espressotec

However, there are entry-level options that will have you up and caffeinated in no time.

Here are my suggestions for a starter kit that couldn’t be simpler…

What do I use to brew coffee at home on a budget?

First you’ll need a brewing method, and the French Press will do the trick nicely.

The Java Gear Silver French Press has the traditional glass and stainless casing profile that’s been a favourite since the 1800s. This is what’s called an immersion-method of brewing – boiling water poured over ground coffee (or immersed), and then the mesh filter is pushed down over the grounds.

Java Gear French Press

A more modern take on the French Press is the ESPRO P5 Press – a Vancouver brand by the way.

Espro French Press

The ESPRO ups the press game with a finer double-filtration system, making for a rich smooth cup of coffee.

What do I use to grind coffee at home on a budget?

Next up: a grinder. No, really, you deserve the best, and that means grinding your coffee beans fresh, just before brewing.

It doesn’t take much effort if you’re only having a couple of cups every morning and the results are huge.

Again, budget-wise you can pick up a hand grinder for less than thirty bucks.

Javagear hand grinder

The Java Gear Manual Grinder is the go-to brand here with adjustable ceramic burrs.

Where is the best place to buy coffee to brew at home?

And finally – coffee!

It really is a one-stop-shop at Espressotec and Roaster Central; they’ve got the gear and the coffee.

Roaster Central has a huge selection of local roasters to choose from. Plus you can try before you buy at their tasting bar.

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