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Olive and Ruby have now Expanded Their Food Program to Include Other coffee shops

Cafe owners without kitchens rejoice, Olive and Ruby have now expanded their food program to include other coffee shops.

Olive and Whoby?

For those living under a rock, Olive and Ruby is a killer little coffee shop in Kitsilano that has one of the best vegetarian and vegan brunch lineups in the city. They came 2nd in our 10 Best Brunches in Vancouver poll, as well as scoring high in the 10 Best Coffee Shops list.

They scored a 9/10 in my review for good reason, it’s an absolutely awesome coffee shop.

Fill my Shop with Food!

If you’re a shop owner with no kitchen, or a limited space to prepare food, you probably don’t need me to tell you how much of a pain in the arse it is to make sure your customers are well fed. In my experience, bulk options always seem to fall short on the quality front. Add to this the fact that people are more inclined than ever to buy vegetarian and vegan options for their brunch items.
You know what I mean, the three of you in the group are fine, but Sandra, well she’s a vegan and doesn’t want to eat another banana for breakfast whilst you eat bacon.

Everything they sell wholesale is made from scratch and in house.

The owner, Summer Dotinga, said, “We use primarily organic ingredients, flours sourced from locally (woman) owned Flourist and Anita’s.  Everything from the buns to sauce we put together ourselves.”

I’m a shop owner, what can I buy?

First things first, I should state that if you’re not a shop owner, you can still buy all this stuff in their shop.

Veggie Roll (vegetarian and plant-based options available)
Breakfast sandwich
Breakfast Sandwich at Olive and Ruby
Pesto Grilled Cheese
Herb and Cheese Scone
Puff pastry squares (business can top with any toppings they choose, we are able to take on limited accounts for these)
Chocolate Chip Cookie, plant-based (They have another plant-based cookie in the works)
Chocolate chip cookies
Passion Fruit loaf, plant-based
Passion Fruit Loaf
Banana loaf
Banana Bread Loaf
Maple Hazelnut loaf, plant-based
Granola, (plant-based). – The granola is full of almond meal from their house-made almond milk, oats, seeds, dried fruits and naturally sweetened with fruit and maple syrup. (They also sell it by the pound at the cafe)
Granola in bowl
Sour Dough

Shut up and Take my Money!

So what do you do if you want to have any of this adorning your cafe tables? Contact the owner that’s what.

Summer Dotinga
[email protected]
DM Olive and Ruby on Instagram (@oliveandrubycafe)

Shops Currently Serving Their Food

SingleV Coffee
5232 Irmin St
On Siply – Yes

Moja Coffee Roasters
1412 Rupert St, North Vancouver
1102 Commercial Dr