KAHVE expands brunch menu

KAHVE expands brunch menu

KAHVE, winner of our 2016 best brunch award, have updated their menu with some new and exciting items.

Chatting to owners Justine and John, they emphasised that their customers want delicious food that is as easy to grab and go as it is to sit and eat in their cafe, so they developed all their new items around that ethos.

KAHVE hosted us for a tasting and we have to say, the new menu items and delicious. We’re excited to hear your reaction to them.

Granola Bowl

House made granola along side yogurt, with fresh and dried fruit.

KAHVE expands brunch menu

Lettuce Boats

Four options for your fillings: Shrimp, tuna salad, egg salad and roast chicken. Chose all four or a combination of them all. Also available on toast, for all you carb lovers.

KAHVE expands brunch menu

KAHVE expands brunch menu

New Filter Coffee Options

From 1pm each day you can chose to have a filter coffee made to order, using a Clever Dripper. At the tasting we got to try some Hartmann Geisha from Phil and Sebastian, but don’t expect this high end coffee to be in stock at all times!

KAHVE expands brunch menu

The Classics

Don’t forget that the KAHVE classics, such as their breakfast sandwich, avocado on toast and smoked salmon on toast are still available.

KAHVE expands brunch menu


Every single one of the new menu items were delicious, but my personal favorite was definitely the Shrimp. Mrs VancouverCoffeeSnob favored the egg salad saying “it’s the best I’ve ever had”.

Thanks to the team at KAHVE for hosting us today.

KAHVE scored 9.5 out of 10 in our review, which can be read here.