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Introducing GetSocialBox – Learn Amazing Things From Local Coffee Humans

Let’s face it, we’re all bored at home. So how about I tell you my solution?

Ok, I’ll admit it, the title “Introducing GetSocialBox – Learn Amazing Things From Local Coffee Humans” sounds totally sponsored doesn’t it? But it isn’t I promise!

However, full disclaimer, I’m an unpaid advisor for this extremely new company.

What is GetSocialBox?

GetSocialBox is platform that pulls together amazing people in various different industries and helps them host online workshops, webinars and hangouts. As a consumer of this, you can choose to attend these sessions and learn and network with some really interesting people. If you’re an interesting person you can host your own. Hell, if you’re an uninteresting person you can host your own, I don’t care.

The idea is that there’s a ton of talented people who suddenly found themselves without a job, so they can pivot into teaching people online. Or hanging out with them. Perhaps making them laugh. Or basically anything.

All the ticket sales go to the person hosting the event (minus the fees paid to the payment processor), so it’s a fantastic way to support some amazing people who are looking for new ways to make their mark in their industry.

Gimmie Some Examples


Coffee Brewing at Home | by Coffee Educator, Jack Grant

jack tasting coffee

You might know Jack from his regular training sessions that he held at Espressotec. Well, given that we’re not allowed to head to their venue for training anymore, he’s hosting it on Skype.

“Step up your home brewing game. Discover how grind setting, water temperature, and brew ratios affect extraction and flavour in this 2-hour, hands-on workshop. This class will focus on V60 pour over, aero press, French press and Chemex.”

Time & Location
Apr. 02, 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Skype Live

Tickets Here and he also has an Espresso class here

Meet Some Coffee Nerds | by Opinionated Moron, Vancouver Coffee Snob

VCS Logo Square

OK technically I’ve not set this up yet, but I intend to host some regular sessions where for $5 you’ll be able to see me interview a coffee geek or someone related to the coffee industry in some way. We’ll hear about how they got to where they are and you’ll get the chance to Q&A with them. 100% of the money I make off this will be sent to the person being interviewed.

Time and Location TBD.
Watch my Instagram page for more info

But it’s not just coffee stuff happening on here.

Meet the Founder: Virtual Breakfast Date | by Granola Girl

granola girl meetup

Start your Monday morning off on the right foot! The Founder of Granola Girl, April Bellia leads a virtual breakfast date as she interviews some of your favourite local startup Founders and small business owners. And, it all starts with, “What are you having for breakfast?”

Time & Location
Mar. 30, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT


Can I Host My Own Event?

Bloody well right you can. It’s free to join and host a meetup and you get all the ticket proceeds (minus costs).

Signup is here

If it’s coffee-related please reach out to me, I’d love to promote it on my VCS social media channels for free. Unless you’re Nestle. If you are you can bugger off.

What Else?

To check out the full list of events head over to There’ll be more and more added as the weeks go on, so it’s also a great idea to follow the Instagram account here.