Le Marche St George

Le Marche St George

Le Marche St George is a kitsch little hideaway very close to Main St, but far enough from the crowds to be quiet and peaceful. Their amazing staff and delicious food make this cafe a great little spot for a breakfast or lunch.

12oz Latte – $3.71
No way was this thing 12oz, it was enormous and served in, what can only be described as, a cereal bowl! All jokes aside it was an excellent size for the price and had a great balance of milk temperature, mouth feel and espresso strength. They use a local roaster, Oughtred, for their beans, which is great to see (local always gets points from me).
6oz Cafe Noisette – $3.05
Rich, decadent and really delicious, a Noisette is espresso with heavy cream. I could have easily finished a pint sized version of this, but it’s probably better for my waistline that it only comes in 6oz versions!

Strawberry, Honey and Pistachio Crepe – $7.95
Hands down the best crepe I’ve had in years. It was soft and light, the yogurt honey dressing was the perfect level of sweetness and the pistachios were a great accompaniment, giving the whole thing an added texture. The only gripe I have is that the strawberries were a little tart, which is probably more due to the time of year, rather than poor ingredients.

Accompanying the crepe selection were quiches, croissants and various sandwiches and light bites.

It’s close enough to main to be walkable by bus and there’s loads of on street parking. I suspect it’ll get busy around that area on the weekend, so plan accordingly.

Small and very interesting. It’s actually quite a subtle looking place so be careful not to miss it when you’re in the area (Hint: If you’re coming from Main it’s on the left)! The exterior is almost heritage house looking and the interior matches. A nice touch was the giant antique weighing scales in the middle of the cafe floor.
There’s a few seats inside as well as lots of patio seating in the front of the venue.

A bit rough around the edges but otherwise clean. A decent scrub down was needed as there was quite a bit of dust gathering in the corners, nooks and crannies.

The staff were very polite, friendly and courteous. The server at the counter was very knowledgeable about the different coffee and food items, cracked some great jokes and didn’t tease me when I mispronounced a few things on the menu!

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