33 Acres Brewing

33 Acres Brewing

33 Acres Brewing

One of the best lattes in Vancouver along with the absolute best waffles you’ll ever have in your life, 33 Acres Brewing is a visual masterpiece with a trick up their sleeves… BOOZE. That’s right – they were a brewery before having coffee available and their beer is incredible.


10oz Latte – $4.50
33 Acres wisely invested in $30K+ of beautiful Slayer espresso machine in order to serve up some of the most incredible milk based coffee drinks in Vancouver. They have some big names in the Vancouver barista world crafting visually appealing and utterly delicious drinks. I’ve had dozens of lattes here and they’ve all been impeccable. Smooth as silk, a perfect espresso to milk ratio and always with stellar latte art. The beans change regularly but are usually from popular roasters such as Phil and Sebastian, Transcend Coffee and Pilot Coffee Roasters.

33 Acres Brewing

In addition to this they have pour over coffee and I even saw an Aeropress the other day. You can also partake in their award winning beer which is arguably some of the best in the city. Try the 33 Acres of Darkness or Sunshine, depending on the cloud coverage!


B33r Waffles: $10
Absolutely the best waffles I’ve ever had in my life… and they’re made with beer! They change every weekend so you’ll likely never get bored of the choice; from apple pie to chocolate all the way to savory rosemary flavours. They’re also massive, so you’re going to be really full by the end of your eating experience. For the best results add bacon. If you don’t like bacon then an alternative would be to go home and think about your life and where it all went wrong.

Avocado Smash: $9.50
Take a slice of toasted sourdough from Nelson the Seagull add some smashed up avocado and egg, garnish with some greens and then toss on some bacon and you have the best avocado on toast in the city. I struggle to work out whether to have this or the beer waffles. Every. Single. Visit.

33 Acres Brewing


When you visit 33 Acres brewing, take your camera and point it anywhere… literally anywhere, then snap a shot. Add to Instagram with #nofilter and watch the likes roll in. The space is stunningly beautiful and I’m not kidding when I say that it’s pretty difficult to take a bad photo in here, with all the natural light pouring in from the massive windows. White walls, wood accents and a massive communal table complete the look. A fantastic touch is the windows at the back of the venue looking into the beer brewing area.


It’s not really in an area you’ll happen to be passing through much, but it’s a short stroll from Main Street and is well worth the small effort to get to. Parking can be difficult as it gets crowded, but with a small walk you’ll find something. There are also plenty of bus stops on Main St and Broadway.


Stylish, clean, well kept and appointed, but only one of them. This means that guys and girls are sharing and the lines can get obnoxiously long when the drinking crowd is in there. That being said, I’ve had some hysterically funny conversations with people in line that have had a few too many wobbly pops.


The staff at 33 Acres Brewing are always happy, friendly and more importantly willing to provide me with alcohol! They’re knowledgeable about their products and are always enthusiastic about recommending their beer waffle flavours of the week.

33 Acres Brewing


Get caffeinated or get legless, either one is phenomenal fun and leaves the palate satisfied. 33 Acres Brewing has a venue that’s visually appealing to everyone and their staff complete the experience by always being amazing.

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