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Vancouver Coffee Shops of 2018

Vancouver Coffee Shops of 2018

Holy hell, what a year this has been so far! 2018 seems to be a year specifically engineered to keep me busy, with new venues opening their doors every month it seems! The fantastic part about all this is that it gives me a legitimate excuse for going out and spending far too much of my money on the new Vancouver coffee shops of 2018!

With that in mind, I thought it prudent to get a master list of 2018’s newest cafes in Vancouver underway. I’ll keep this post updated as newbies enter the market, which at this rate will be a weekly update!

Note: If you’re looking for our 2017 list of Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver, you can find it here.

Shops Opened in 2018

Alright, let’s get into it. These are the hottest coffee shops and cafes that have opened in Vancouver this year. If you’re looking for the list of coffee shops that are not quite open yet, but will be in the future, check out the list at the bottom of the page.

Bel Cafe – Kitsilano

1780 W 3rd Ave

Sexy venue, amazingly delicious (and at times quite healthy) food, along with some solid coffee that uses 49th Parallel Beans. This is already starting to be a hotspot for the well dressed, so make sure to get there early if you’re looking for a seat.

Bel Cafe

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Try one of the above blue lattes and be sure to post it on Instagram for guaranteed likes. Follow it up with an outstanding Avocado on toast.

Click here for our review of Bel Cafe Kitsilano.

Caffe La Tana

635 Commercial Dr

At the time of writing this list, Caffe La Tana has only been open a few weeks so I’ve not got a full grasp of what it’s truly like, but first impressions are great. The coffee is from JJ Bean so it’s definitely dark and not on the specialty end of things, but it’s an Italian themed feast for the eyes. The sweet treats are incredible.

Caffe La Tana

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Try the cortado that’s made like a tiny traditional cappuccino, as well as their delightful little jam tarts.

Hunnybee Bruncheonette

789 Gore Ave.

This fig themed (just kidding) coffee shop in Chinatown mixes amazing brunch items with some solid coffee from Bows and Arrows. The vibe is chill, the venue is beautiful and the figs plentiful!

Hunnybees Bruncheonette

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Their latte is always a fantastic effort. Pair it with the above monster size pancake.

Click here for our review of Hunnybee Bruncheonette.

Jammer Cafe

350 W 8th Ave

Half coffee shop, half motorcycle garage, this has to be one of the most unique places to drink coffee right now. While you’re there you can fill your faces with sturdy, greasy spoon style food that’s been upgraded to taste better than you can imagine.

Jammer Cafe

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Their bacon sandwich is one of the best I’ve ever had and I’m from the land of bacon sarnies (England). Add on a cappuccino (Pallet Coffee Roasters) for extra deliciousness.

Review coming very soon!

Kafkas (Great Northern Way)

350 W 8th Ave

Version 2.0 of the famous Main Street coffee shop. Expect some food upgrades compared to the first venue, with great sandwiches and breakfasts, with the usual darker roast but delicious coffee.


Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Their Cortado (pictured above) is always an enjoyable experience when washing down one of their amazing “never-ending glory bowls”. Actually, you may need two to finish that beast.

Click here for our review of Kafkas

Matchstick Yaletown

1328 Richards St

I actually gasped “oh wow!” when I first walked into this coffee shop. Matchstick Yaletown is beautiful inside. Their house-roasted coffee is well respected across Canada, so you’ve likely heard of them before. Pick your coffee of choice and get stuck into anything that involves their amazing bread.

Matchstick Yaletown

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: They often have a fantastic Ethiopian bean on pour over, so try that, with their open face Tuna Melt.

Review coming very soon!

Our Town

245 E Broadway

The old Our Town is no more! The new Our Town, however, is very much alive and kicking! Set in the old venue, this bright and airy coffee shop has pulled out all the stops in creating a chilled but stylish place to drink coffee, whilst knocking it out of the park with their food options.

Our Town

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Alt milk lovers should really enjoy their almond milk cortado with adorable little shortbread addition (pictured above).

Click here for our review of Our Town.

Pallet Coffee Roasters Oak Street

3820 Oak St

Pallet won Coffee Roaster of the Year in our public poll, so it was great to see them open their fourth location this year. You can expect the usual lineup of delicious and interesting coffee, with baked treats and brunch options.

Pallet Oak Street

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Cortado if you like espresso, Ethiopian if they have it on pour over. Their almond croissants are also to die for.

Click here for our review of Pallet Oak Street

Prado (Surrey)

13475 103 Ave

Yeah yeah, I know that this is not in Vancouver, but I took the time to review it so you buggers can hear about it! I’d be surprised if you’ve not heard of Prado already, as they have a ton of locations in Vancouver already. This is their first foray out of the city, into Surrey.

Prado Surrey

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: The ‘Cookie with No Name’ every time. Wash it down with a latte. Heckle the owner, Sammy, if he’s there and pours it for you!

Click here for our review of Prado Surrey

Small Victory

3070 Granville St

‘Posh as hell’ is one way of describing South Granville’s latest coffee shop from the team that already bought you SV Yaletown (which is also pretty posh). It’s a glitzy and beautiful venue, with amazing food, some super nerdy coffee and plenty of room for strollers, if that’s your thing.

Small Victory Granville

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Their pour over is always solid, especially if Luna Coffee Roasters is available. Add their sweet Avocado toast to the mix for a strange, but tantalizing food option.

Click here for our review of Small Victory Granville

The Garden Strathcona

868 E Hastings St

This probably gets the award for the best looking coffee shop in Vancouver 2018, with its dark colours, wood, metal and green plants. It’s a feast for the eyes and the stomach, with the best cookie I’ve ever had in my life.

The Garden

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Any of their coffee options are amazing, as it’s from the right honourable Agro Coffee Roasters, but the real star of the show is something I’ve dubbed the ‘Clearly is Made of Crack Cocaine Chocolate Cookie’. Seriously, you need this in your life.

Click here for our review of The Garden Strathcona

Their There

2042 W 4th Ave

Their There is a new coffee shop from the creators of popular restaurant AnnaLena. It’s visually beautiful, has great coffee from Heart Roasters and some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Their There

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: I’m a huge fan of their soy ginger beef sandwich, washed down with an Americano.

Click here for our review of Their There

Have I missed anything? If I have, shoot me an email, complain on my Instagram page, send me an angry Facebook DM or tweet me!

Upcoming shops

I’ll update this part of the article as much as I can when I learn of new coffee shops opening. If you have a coffee shop opening soon and want it in the list, email me.


992W Broadway (corner of Oak Street)

Opens 2019

Dalina is opening their second location in 2019 some time.


338 Powell St.

Opens 2019

From the brains behind the wildly successful Aubade (who came first and second place in the last two years top coffee shops of Vancouver awards) comes a new concept that promises to shake up the Vancouver coffee scene in ways we’ve not seen before. SO HYPED FOR THIS.

Nemesis 2

Great Northern Road, Emily Carr Complex

Opens 2019

We did a write up on what we know about this so far, but suffice to say it looks like it’s going to be pretty special.

Prado Gastown (Version 2)

131 Water St

Opens December 10th 2018

Sammy Piccolo is back, fresh off on the heels of his recent Surrey cafe opening and Spade project.


151 W Hastings St

Not much is known about this new location, other than it’s going to be in the lobby of the new Spaces building in Gastown. It’s KAFKAS third location, after opening their Great Northern Road location in 2018. It’s within spitting distance of Revolver, Nemesis and Purebread.

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