49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

The Best Places to eat Donuts in Vancouver on National Donut Day

Are you a fan of terrible puns? Then today is for you, as you can GO NUTS FOR DONUTS. Or are they DoUGHnuts? I don’t care, because I’m too busy stuffing my fat face hole full of them, in anticipation of the several hours of crying that will ensure tomorrow morning when the sugar high has worn off and I’ve realised what I’ve done.

Here’s a list of some great coffee shops and cafes in Vancouver, where you can find delicious donuts, cracking Crullers and badass Berliners. Puntastic!

The Best Places to Eat Donuts in Vancouver on National Donut Day

49th Parallel Coffee and Luckys Doughnuts

2902 Main St, 2198 W 4th Ave and 689 Thurlow St

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters (Downtown)

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Their berry Berliner is incredible, and is my goto. However, if you happen to catch them when they’re selling the passionfruit filled bismark you would be doing yourself a disservice not to buy one.

However, if you’re looking for an Instagram worthy purchase, look no further than the lemon meringue monster pictured below.

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

Cartems Donuterie

534 West Pender, 2190 Main Street and  3040 W Broadway.

5 Best Places to eat Doughnuts in Vancouver on National Donut Day


Lees Donuts

1689 Johnston St, Granville Island

5 Best Places to eat Doughnuts in Vancouver on National Donut Day
Photo Credit: @mrsmoon91

This one is kind of tough to find, as they’re tucked away by an entrance in Granville island market. Go there and ask for directions. The donuts themselves are much more traditional than your “new wave donuteries” (possibly the snobbiest thing I’ve ever written right there), but their taste is up there with the best of them.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Get the sugar-coated raspberry filled donut and try to eat it without licking your lips, then send me the photos of your anguish face.

Honey Doughnuts

4373 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver

5 Best Places to eat Doughnuts in Vancouver on National Donut Day
Photo Credit @layla_park_

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: In their selection of baseball sized golden orbs of deliciousness, we recommend the cinnamon sugar coated. Whilst you’re up in Deep Cove take a trip to our favourite coffee shop up there Cafe Orso (Click here for our review).

Duffins Donuts

1391 E. 41st Ave

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Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: Their regular , sugar glazed donut was delicious but my main recommendation would be to bring hand sanitizer because this place is filthy. Don’t expect a high end experience AT ALL. However, it’s open 24 hours a day and they also serve a bizarre selection of sandwiches there too. Bonus points for being able to walk outside and buy drugs from all the dodgy people that hang out in that area.

Dipped Donuts

By delivery or you can find them at Spent Grounds

Vancouver Coffee Snob Recommendation: If you’re a vegan you’re going to love these, as they’re 100% non-animal everything. I’d recommend sitting on your fat bottom and ordering a multi-pack selection box. Or for those of your cretinous exercisers in the group, get over to the amazing Spent Grounds Coffee roasters and you’ll be able to drink great coffee and eat donuts.

Non Donut Special Mention:

Sweet Boy Cream Puffs


If you are a donut fan you’re very likely to enjoy his cream puffs, which are sort of like a profiterole mixed with a custard donut. He’s big in the coffee scene, so he gets a special mention here.