15 great gifts for coffee lovers

15 great gifts for coffee lovers - Christmas gifts for a coffee snob!
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Christmas is coming. This is terrifying to me, because I SWEAR it was only a couple of months ago when I held the Snobby awards! Anyway, I guess I’ll have to deal with that by pouring some effort into making gift buying easier for you, by creating a list of 15 great gifts for coffee lovers. After all, you support me throughout the year, reading my insane ramblings and encouraging me to write more!

I guess it’s the least I owe you!

So without further ado, here’s my list of 15 great gifts for coffee lovers and my personal guarantee that if you buy one of these for someone, they’ll be so happy that they’ll almost certainly write you into their will. Unless they hate coffee, in which case, I think that’s on you, buddy.

NOTE: there are links to Amazon below. For those of you that like shopping in person, I always encourage you to visit local at places like U Roast It, Espressotec, ECM and the brewing section of your local coffee shop.

Chemex – For the Visually Stunning Snob

The Chemex is great at two things; brewing large batches of great coffee and wowing your audience with is visual aesthetics. It’s the ideal gift for someone who loves to show off at dinner parties.


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Hario V60 Dripper – For the True Pour Over Snob

From Nemesis, to Kafkas. Revolver to Spent Grounds. Hell, even Aeropress forward Aubade has one. The v60 is the absolute workhorse of the coffee industry. There’s no other pour over device out there that gives you as much control over your brewing.

Hario V60

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Aeropress – For the Travelling Snob

The Aeropress is the ultimate traveling companion to any self-respecting coffee snob. It’s small, light, near on indestructible and produces absolutely incredible coffee. It’s my personal go-to choice whenever I’m going on vacation.


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Level up your Aeropress game with Aesir Filters, which I describe as a ‘cheat code’ for Aeropress.

Espro French Press – The Snob with No Time

Chances are you’ve used a French Press, as they’re very common. Espro took the traditional design and supercharged it with extra filters and better heat insulation. It’s a solid device if you want to pour hot water in and forget about it until you’re ready.


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Not a filter coffee fan? How about espresso? Our 15 great gifts for coffee lovers has got you covered!

Handpresso – For the Travelling Espresso Snob

I have one of these and I’ll admit, I expected it to be terrible. NOPE. It can produce a shockingly decent attempt at espresso given how tiny it is.


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Bellman Stovetop Steamer – For The Milk Loving Snob

If a full espresso machine is outside of your reach but you love steamed milk drinks such as lattes, then this device is for you. You heat it up on the stove top and it gives you coffee shop quality steam, at a fraction of the price.

bellman stovetop steamer

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Breville Barista Express – For the Wannabe Barista Snob

I had one of these for years at Snob HQ and loved it so much I upgraded to the Breville Dual Boiler (and Baratza Sette). This is the best machine/grinder combo you can buy in the sub $500 price range. PERIOD.

Barista Express

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Hario Slim Ceramic Burr Grinder – For the Travelling Snob

I have one of these and I take it anywhere my Aeropress goes. It’s great value, the grind is good for the price and it’s a damn good arm workout!

Hario Mini Mill

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Hario Skerton – For the Home Grinding Snob

The Skerton is essentially the same as the above Mini Mill, only it’s much bigger and therefore much easier to grind coffee in.

Hario skerton grinder

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Baratza Encore – For the Electric Grinding Snob

You’ll read a lot of reviews promoting other electric grinders in the same price range as this, but those reviews are wrong. There is quite simply nothing you can buy that comes close to the quality of this for the price. Nothing.

Baratza Encore Grinder

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Bonavita 1L Variable Temperature – For Any Snob… Any Snob at All

This is my absolute favourite kettle on the market. You’ll find it in 90% of coffee shops in Vancouver and for good reason. They’re hard wearing and pour beautifully as well as allowing you to control your water temperature to the exact degree.

Bonavita Kettle

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Brew Better Coffee At Home – For the Beginner Snob

This the goto guide for the coffee newbie. It’s actually awesome for coffee pros too. I learned a ton from this book, which I was not expecting.

Brew Better Coffee At Home

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Hopwired Tickets – For the Boozy Snob

Last years Hopwired was an absolute RIOT. With dozens of coffee roasters and breweries combining forces to come up with some of the most amazing coffee beers the world has ever seen. This year is going to be three times the size and I’m going to be there hosting panel talks and probably getting a bit tipsy.

Beanstock Festival was a Fantastic, boozy good time

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Roasters Pack Subscription – For the Snob that Wants to Drink it All

I’ve tried a lot of subscription packs over the years and I can confidently say that The Roasters Pack is the highest quality of all of them. Each month you get three different types of coffee to try, along with some awesome fact packs to tell you all about the tasting notes etc. There are often secret gifts added in too.

Giveaway: Three Month Subscription to Roasters Pack

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Moving Coffee Gift Box – For the Snobbiest of Snobs

And last but not least for our 15 great gifts for coffee lovers…

In this snobs opinion, Moving Coffee produces some of the highest quality coffee that exists in Canada right now. If you’re buying a gift for someone that already has the gadgets they need, then might I suggest a box full of delicious coffee instead? They have several boxes to choose from, filled with bags of their coffee, an assortment of their Ready2Go line as well as their reusable cup (which I use daily).

Moving Coffee Box

Available only in store – 64 E 3rd Ave, Mt Pleasant.


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