Thomas Haas

Thomas Haas

An exquisite selection of chocolates, pastries and cakes, washed down with a huge selection of specialty teas and coffees, Thomas Haas obviously has their head in the game when it comes to making beautiful looking treats. Sadly I felt they really needed to step it up a bit more when it came to their coffee.


12oz Latte – $3.60
I understand that this cafe caters more towards the tea crowd, so I wasn’t expecting much from the coffee, but unfortunately it was worse than I anticipated. The espresso strength was incredibly strong and bitter, with an excessive after taste that lasted for at least an hour afterwards. The milk was thin and scalding hot. To their credit though, the latte art was great (which is actually quite impressive given how thin the milk was).


Sour Cherry Turnover – $3.40
Top marks for presentation on this buttery, flaky treat. Whilst very sweet, the flavours of the sour cherry and consistency of the pastry were flawless. As mentioned, it pushed me to my limits of sweetness, so I was glad to see only half of it was sugar glazed.

In addition to the pastries there were lots of lunch items such as sandwiches, as well as cakes, tarts and other delights… oh and chocolates. So many chocolates! There’s an enormous selection of truffles, cremes, caramels and other chocolatey indulgences. They’re not cheap of course, but they’re all hand made and their skills in this area really shine through.


Catch a bus along Broadway and you can’t miss it. There’s also plenty of paid and unpaid on street parking, or a Safeway down the road with free parking.


Thomas Haas isn’t huge and there’s not too many seats, but it’s forgiven for that because they’ve made a good effort with the space they have. There’s a great little patio outside for when it’s warm enough.
One additional point worth mentioning is that they’re closed on Sunday and Monday, which is peculiar.


Beautifully designed and very modern looking, but really, really messy. There were paper towels everywhere and they had run out of toilet paper. The sink needed a really good scrub as it was filthy. I went at peak times so that probably explains why, but there’s no reason not to double the cleaning efforts during the lunch rush.


Friendly and professional. We were greeted with a smile when we walked in and ordered, as well as the server being very helpful when describing a few of the items we were considering.

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