Kahve is a wonderful new(ish) cafe in Kitsilano serving up some outstanding Phil and Sebastian coffee, as well as a flawless selection of immaculately presented food. Couple this with exceptionally friendly staff and bathrooms I described as “so clean you could do yoga in them”, Kahve is one of our favorite coffee shops in Vancouver and they honestly set the benchmark for how a coffee shop should be run. Oh and in case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced Car-veh!

For an added bonus – Kahve have generously offered to give you 10% off your food and drink order if you mention VancouverCoffeeSnob.com in the whole month of July 2016!


12oz Latte – $4.25
Kahve have recently made a move to using Phil and Sebastian beans. This has taken their already great latte game up to a whole new level; sweet, perfectly textured milk served in an aesthetically pleasing tall glass, with a perfect balance of espresso to milk. Their award winning baristas always make effort to provide some great latte art too.
12oz London Fog – $4.25
Hands down THE best London Fog I’ve ever tried. Mrs VancouverCoffeeSnob, who is more of a LondonFogSnob really, agrees. The sweetness was in no way overbearing, like most London Fogs, the floral notes from the Earl Grey shine through at just the right levels. They even managed to get some latte art in there too, which I’ve never really seen in a tea drink!

They also serve Nitro Cold Brew, which, if you read this blog regularly, you’ll know is a particular favorite of mine. When we enquired about the “beer” taps, the owner of Kahve gave us a free round! How about that for service!


Avocado on Toast – $9.95
One of the best Avocado dishes I’ve ever eaten! There was a delicious toasted bread base, with ripe avocado and salad on top. Added to this was a masterfully poached egg and some crumbled feta. The flavours melded perfectly and it was a big enough portion to be filling.

Toasted Banana Bread Muffin and Fruit Salad – $9.45
WOW – this was utterly incredible. The grilled banana bread was the perfect sweetness to pair with the orange, kiwi, blueberry, grape, strawberry and pear fruit salad. Add a dollop of creme fraiche, some maple syrup and you have a breakfast I can’t wait to have again!


Energy Cookie Thingamigger
OK I’ll be honest, I can’t remember the proper name for this but it was a seed, nut and fruit filled power/granola cookie. It wasn’t too sweet, which I loved and despite me being well and truly stuffed after all of the above food, I still managed to find space to stuff it into my greedy pie hole! Delicious!


Kahve is located very close to the Kits side of Burrard bridge, right in the middle of an increasingly busy little section of shops. There’s lots of on street parking, there’s a bus stop just around the corner and it’s walking distance to Kits beach.


The venue is kind of a cross between an upscale boutique and a coffee shop! Some of the counters/tables have glass tops with fancy watches and jewelry in while the whole of one wall is a huge shelving unit displaying all sorts of stylish coffee equipment and home wares (For the curious, the owner runs Enflux from here). There’s plenty of seating inside and a nice patio area in the front of the building.


In a caffeine induced Instagram comment I actually described these bathrooms as “the only bathrooms in Vancouver certified for yoga, due to their cleanliness and size”! Seriously though, they’re big, they’re well appointed and they’re cleaner than my bathroom at home (and The VancouverCoffeeSnobs keep their bathrooms very clean)!


I wish I could give 11/10 here. The staff at Kahve are some of the best in the business. Always smiling and laughing, they welcome you like an old friend and go out of their way for you to have a great experience there. The owner, Justine, is charming, knowledgeable about coffee and most of all is keen to ensure she’s putting out a great product for her customers. She’s also very generous – as I mentioned earlier, she was keen to give us a round of 3 nitro cold brews on the house when we asked about the taps.

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