Culprit Coffee

NOTE: Culprit is now closed permanently

A really interesting take on a coffee shop, with lots of gluten free, lactose free and locally sourced ingredients, ultimately Culprit Coffee let us down with their average service, average coffee and excessive prices.

Small Chai Latte – 3.60
Med Latte – 4.30
For the price we paid for these drinks you’d really expect something special here, but sadly the coffee was not worth the money. It was above average, but nothing really that special. I loved the fact that they used local, Fernwood beans from Victoria and also milk from grass fed cows.
The Chai Latte was really good though. A great spice kick which is really rare these days, as well as perfectly steamed milk.

Frittata Muffin – 3.95
Curry Chicken Baguette – 9.75
Culprit Cookie – 2.95
Again, we’re looking at some pretty expensive food here, that really didn’t live up to it’s high price tag. The chicken baguette was tasty but could have used a little more chicken, the accompanying cashew quinoa salad was miniscule and lacking in taste. The cookie, at $2.95, was criminally expensive and bone dry.

A great location. Just off 4th ave, at the top of the hill, right in the thick of the shopping strip. Plenty of parking around, if you don’t mind risking getting a ticket over in the Safeway parking lot.

A fun venue, but a bit rough around the edges. Our table was very wobbly and I had to wedge my knee under it to keep it steady!

Small and mostly clean, some serious dust on the light fixtures that someone had amusingly written in. A very strange roof mirror, so you can make intense eye contact with yourself whilst on the throne.

Average staff. They were helpful but not talkative. When I expressed my enthusiasm about the culprit cookies you could tell they were sick of hearing it. To be fair, the cookies do look amazing. Stop stifling my whimsy, Culprits!

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