Artistry Coffee
Artistry Coffee

Artistry Coffee

A hot, poorly designed coffee shop with below average food, terrible coffee and unfriendly staff, Artistry Coffee fails to impress on all counts and I can safely say will not be visited again in a hurry by this particular snob. My advice: go down the road to Memento coffee.

Iced Latte – $3.95
Visually it looked great at first; the espresso was layered on top of the milk in a fun gradient effect. That’s where everything stopped though – the espresso was massively over extracted leading to an awful bitter taste and an old coffee grounds flavour. I actually threw away the last quarter of the drink.

Chicken Pesto Sandwich
Oatmeal raisin cookie
The sandwich has ‘chicken’ in it and by that I mean processed, reconstituted chicken slices, with what smelled like very old cheddar. By old I don’t mean mature, I mean old cheddar from the back of the fridge. Coupled with the soggy corner (despite the fact it was grilled!) it made for a very unpleasant meal.
The Oatmeal raisin cookie was more of a cake in that there was very little by way of oats in it. Honestly, even Starbucks does it better.

The location is decent enough – on 4th, just down near the McDonald intersection. Easy to get to by bus and easy to park around the area.

A typical looking coffee shop, it was mostly unpleasant because it was a really hot day and there’s not much ventilation in there. No AC as far as I can tell.

There was no one in the coffee shop at the time and the bathrooms were messy, with paper towels on the floor etc. No excuse really.

Pretty unfriendly staff populate this place. I asked a few questions about the food as well as the coffee and generally got the impression I was a hindrance to their day, with their one word answers and lack of any eye contact. When I dropped off my plates and cups I was given a bland “yup” when I wished them a good day. One of the most miserable staff experiences I’ve had in a while.

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