Milano Coffee

Milano Coffee Roasters – Gastown

Finally a gastown venue that isn’t just exposed brick and aluminium! Milano Coffee Roasters is a trendy concrete and iron themed cafe, with decent coffee, tea and food. Just a shame their bathroom experience was so shabby.

12oz Latte – $3.65
The latte art on this was a bit of a let down, but the coffee was decent enough. The milk was a great temperature, the consistency was good but the espresso shot was pretty strong, which gave it a slightly too bitter taste. They roast their own beans and I’ve often found their west end venue to be much, much stronger, so I’m definitely happier with the Gastown version.
12oz Almond Milk London Fog – $4.65
A decent enough effort here; great temperature, consistency and not too sweet. However, at $4.65 it’s criminally expensive, given that the non-almond milk version is $4, which is more than the price of a latte. A tea bag and sweetener do not cost that much to add to steamed milk.

There were plenty of interesting types of coffee to chose from, including a boozy coffee menu, which is great in my book, being a fan of the adult caffeine hits!

Yogurt Parfait – $4.20
Another expensive item here. The balance of granola to yogurt to berry compote was good but it wasn’t anything interesting, flavour wise.

Great location – very close to the action in gastown and easily accessible by bus, but parking could be an issue given it’s proximity to a very tourist driven area of town.

A really interesting venue – lots of raw concrete, wrought iron and tables suspended from the roof with high tensile cables. The one thing that confused me was a raised rectangle of concrete on the floor which was screaming to be tripped over my someone as uncoordinated as myself, especially after a couple of their ‘special’ coffees!

What a let down – really grubby. Paper towels everywhere, graffiti on the windows, and dust all over it. Also a communal key which, as we know, I despise having to use when food and drink are involved.

Really friendly staff, very informative, fun to talk to and seemed passionate about their job. The barista also washed his hands after he touched the bathroom key. Excellent work!

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