Molli Cafe

Molli Cafe

I’m confused – is this a Mexican restaurant or a coffee shop? Because Molli Cafe has decided to combine the two and they unfortunately don’t do either very well.


16oz Latte – $4.40
Well they managed to get the ingredients right, which was a start. There was espresso and milk. I watched the espresso shot pulled from the machine until the water was transparent – a very bad start. The milk was thermonuclear in temperature and has no texture whatsoever. Also there was no way this was 16oz, it was 12oz at best.

Instead of getting coffee here I’d advise walking a couple of blocks down the road to Container Coffee or to Musette Cafe which is even closer.


Tacos – $2.50 each
Let’s start with the pulled pork, as this was pretty good. It was succulent, with excellent toppings and I genuinely enjoyed them. The shredded beef had way too much citrus over it. It was actually sour, which is not good at all. The tortillas were moist and delicious.

The problem we have here is that there are so many good Mexican joints to eat at downtown. First off there’s The Mexican about 2 minutes down the road, then there’s Tacofino and my personal favorite Gringo. All of these shine way above the offerings at Molli Cafe unfortunately.


Molli Cafe is definitely in a great location, located on the corner of Davie and Burrard. There’s a bus stop right outside and there’s paid on street parking all over the place.


Great from the outside and not bad inside. I’d have preferred a few more seats but there was a large counter/kitchen to accomodate. The decor was clean and professional at the front but got a bit more messy towards the back.


The floors looked really dirty but the rest of the bathroom was relatively clean. It’ll not win any awards for style but had everything you’d need of a bathroom.


The staff really were excellent. Whilst they didn’t know a great deal about coffee, they were very polite and courteous at all times. They answered all my questions about the food well and were very apologetic when they informed me they’d run out of the Chorizo tacos.

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