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Cafe Orso

Tucked away in the beautiful town of Deep Cove, Cafe Orso is easily the best place to buy a cup of coffee in the area. It has a great selection of food and quite possibly the most impeccable bathrooms I’ve ever seen in a coffee shop!


12oz Latte – $4
Cafe Orso use 49th Parallel beans for their coffee, which I always consider a good sign. The latte was slightly thin, texture wise, but the balance of espresso to milk was excellent.
12oz Chai Latte – $4
A dissapointing effort here. The milk was steamed well but the overall taste was very lacking. It really tasted more like sweet milk than a chai latte.

One thing worth mentioning is that I really don’t think these drinks were 12oz. I’m not sure if we misjudged the amount or if the staff got the order wrong but they were closer to 9oz in my opinion. No points lost here on this as we’re not 100% sure either way.


Croissant – $3.50
Delicious! Flaky and crisp with a soft and buttery pastry inside.


You’re either going to love the location or hate it! It’s very far away from Vancouver but that’s not really the point! Deep Cove is an incredibly beautiful town and should be high on your list of places to visit on a weekend, so why not visit Cafe Orso whilst you’re there?! There’s plenty of free parking but getting there on public transport from the city would be arduous.


A beautiful venue – lots of white and wood. Plenty of seating and a large, open feel to the whole place. A large counter shows off their shiny espresso machine and great food selection.


Cafe Orso might win the award for ‘cleanest bathrooms in Vancouver’! Impeccably clean and very well appointed, whilst being nice and bright.


At first I thought the staff were a little standoffish, but they seemed to warm up the more time we spent there. Overall the customer experience wasn’t bad, it was just a little lacking in the outgoing nature that the ‘best of the best’ baristas exude.

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