Vancouver Coffee Snob Wants You to Vote

Vancouver Coffee Snob Wants You to Vote

I usually steer clear of talking politics on this website because it’s an absolute minefield. Vancouver has too many butts that are too inclined to be hurt, so I refuse to soapbox.

However, what I will make a noise about it your right to vote. I don’t give a crap who you vote for or why. What I truly give a crap about is that you get your buns out there and vote for someone.

Young people of Vancouver, I’m looking at you.

Next week is your opportunity to grab this city by the balls and shout “I want that guy”. Or if you’re feministically inclined, grab the city by the ovaries and shout, “I want that gal”! Or if you’re a frat boy, in touch with his feminine side, grab this city by its Brovaries and shout…. never mind, I think you get the message.

Just take your opportunity to vote for whoever you think is best for the future of the city. They don’t have to be perfect, but they should reflect what you want to see in the city.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Wants You to Vote

WTF? Why is this on a coffee website?

Well, I’m excited to inform you all that I’m running for Mayor!

Of course I’m not, you fool, I’m here to talk about coffee.

The City of Vancouver is running a special coffee competition for the election. They’ve partnered with eleven coffee shops, who have all created a unique drink to celebrate this event.

You can pick up a “passport” at any of the below venues and tick off each drink that you try, then vote for the one you like the best on their website here: Voting enters you into a draw to win a $50 bag of goodies.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Wants You to Vote

Who, what, when, where?

The event runs from the 1st – 20th October. Here’s the list of participants and their drinks:

Prado Café

All Vancouver Locations
Drink: Okanagan Valley peaches and cream cappuccino

Cappuccino with peaches and cream.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Wants You to Vote


International Village Mall, 88 West Pender St
Drink: The Vanmewver

Double shot of espresso, lavender infused steamed milk, cocoa syrup.

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Grounds for Coffee

2565 Alma St
Drink: Lazy Sunday

Decadent chocolate melted under fresh espresso, blended with snappy cinnamon and comforting oat milk.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Wants You to Vote


1858 Commercial Dr
Drink: Okanagan cherry chocolate mocha

Chocolate and coffee with a touch of gorgeous BC cherries.

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The Drive Coffee Bar

1670 Commercial Dr
Drink: Raspberry Flat White with Mint leaves

A beautiful, smooth and balanced drink to make you feel warm and cozy in those cold and rainy October days.
VancouverCoffeeSnob edit: I don’t have a clue what the above description means, but would love to hear what you think if you try it.

Kranky Café

216 E 4th Ave
Drink: Vancouver Fog

Espresso, Earl Grey, lavender honey and steamed milk.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Wants You to Vote

Platform 7 – East Vancouver

2331 East Hastings St
Drink: Iced Raspberry Con Panna

Espresso with raspberry-infused whipped cream

Platform 7 – Kitsilano

2300 W Broadway
Drink: Spanish Banks Bombón

Espresso and condensed milk.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Wants You to Vote

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Final Thoughts

For those of you that don’t really care about politics, I want to leave you with a really powerful tweet I saw from a twitter account @DSA_LosAngeles.

You’re “just not that into politics?”
Your boss is.
Your landlord is.
Your insurance company is.

And every day they use their political power to keep your pay low, raise your rent, and deny you coverage.
Its time to get into politics.

Now get out there and f*cking vote.

Vancouver Coffee Snob Wants You to Vote