What can I do to support coffee shops in Vancouver during COVID19?

What can I do to support coffee shops in Vancouver during COVID19?

This part is where I’m supposed to write something daft and witty, hooking you in for a fun article.

I promise you that this is coming over the next few weeks, but this time it’s not funny.

This time I need to get to the point.

Vancouver Coffee Shops are hurting right now and they need your help.

I’ve had lots of you ask “What can I do to support coffee shops in Vancouver during COVID19” and here are my thoughts.

Steps you can take to support coffee shops

  1. If they’re selling them, buy a voucher for yourself or someone else. This obviously can’t be used right now most of the time, but you can put some cold hard cash into very empty pockets right now and spend it later.
  2. Order online from them. Some are delivering by hand, others are using services like UberEats, Doordash etc. This counts for beans, coffee, food etc.

List of Shops You Can Order From

This is going to be a constantly updated list. If you happen to see something I’ve missed please immediately email me by clicking this link.

If you are a coffee shop and need help setting up an online store or gift cards, please email me and I’ll donate some of my time for free to help you achieve this.

Please note that I’ve made the decision that I am not promoting any service that requires people to visit the venues. 

NameGift Cards?Online Bean Orders?Remote Delivery?
Olive and RubyNoNoUber Eats
Pallet Coffee RoastersYes, click hereYes, click hereNo
The Garden StrathconaYes, click hereNoUber Eats
Modus Coffee RoastersYes, click hereYes, click hereUber eats soon…
Quantum CoffeeNoYes, click hereNo
Spent Grounds Coffee RoastersNoYes, click hereNo
TimbertrainNoYes, click hereNo
C Market Coffee RoastersNoYes, click hereUber Eats
Door Dash
Paragon Tea RoomNoYes, click here (tea)No
Single V CoffeeNoYes, click hereNo
RocaniniYes, click hereYes, click hereNo
Prototype CoffeeYes, click hereYes, click hereNo
Beachcomber CoffeeYes, click hereYes, click hereNo
Luna Coffee RoastersNoYes, click hereNo
Matchstick Coffee RoastersNoYes, click hereNo
Counterpart CoffeeYes, click here Yes, click hereNo
33 Acres BrewingYes, all proceeds go to staffNoNo
Elysian Coffee RoastersNoYes, click hereNo
FlouristNoBaking goods onlyNo
Moving CoffeeYes, click hereYes, click hereUber Eats
Parker Street CafeNoNoYes, click here
1914 Coffee (Squamish)NoYes, hand-delivered. DM him on IGNo
Canoe Coffee Roasters (Kelowna)Yes, click hereYes, click hereNo
Sunny M Specialty TeaYes, click hereYes, click hereNo
Pennyroyal CoffeeDM them on IGNoNo
House Of FunkYes, click hereYes, click here (and beer)No
Nelson the SeagullYes, click hereYes, click hereNo
Lions Bay Coffee CompanyYes, click hereYes, click hereNo
Nemesis CoffeeYes, click hereYes, click hereNo
EspressotecNoYes, click here for discount shipping infoNo
PortoNoNoUber Eats
Door Dash
Agro RoastersNoYes, click hereNo
C41 Coffee RoastersNoYes, DM them on InstagramYes, DM them on Instagram
DALINANoYes, Food DeliveryYes
Discovery CoffeeYes, click hereYes, click hereNo
Mischief CoffeeNoYes, click hereNo
OughtredNoYes, click hereNo
Notch CoffeeNoYes, click hereNo
KAHVENoYes, click here (in store pickup)No


For an additional list of roasters both local and further afar, check out the Coffee Geek Roasters List.

Tyler from Commonly Coffee is compiling another great list here.

Brittany from Discovery Coffee has compiled another amazing list here.

Other things you can do

Leave a review on Google Maps, Yelp or Zomato.
Buy extra beans then shrink wrap/vacuum bag them and freeze.
Engage with your favourite shops on social media
Send them words of support