The 6 Best Avocado Brunches in Vancouver

The 6 Best Avocado Brunches in Vancouver

The 6 Best Avocado Brunches in Vancouver

Avocados are everywhere these days. If you’re a coffee shop are you’ve not serving some kind of avocado dish, just know that we ALL talk about you behind your back and think you’re a monster. The only time avocados are not awesome are when you have a bathtub in that shade of green… and even then it’s not THAT bad. If you’re agreeing with me about that last part then surprise, you’re also a monster, as bathtubs should never be anything other than white… unless you’re eating avocados in them.

Anyway, moving on from the weirdest intro in coffee blog history, let’s take a look at the 6 best avocado brunches in Vancouver (in no particular order).

Note: Before you all start shouting at me because I missed a place you love, it’s important to know that to qualify for this list you need to also be serving up excellent coffee.

33 Acres Brewing

Avocado smash (Be sure to add a poached egg and extra bacon)

Avocado pictured on the right

Toss a slab of delicious sour dough bread from Nelson the Seagull onto a plate and pile smashed avocado, some micro greens, raddish, egg, bacon and hot sauce on top. This brunch is made so much better by the fact that they serve incredible lattes and have a full selection of house made beer on tap.

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Avocado on Toast

kahve avo smash

Sourdough with smashed avocados, chopped cherry tomatoes watercress, cucumber, feta, raddishes and a soft boiled egg for your protein fix. This is a spectacular combination of delicious ingredients served up by some of the friendliest people in the Vancouver coffee scene.

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Avocado and Smoked Salmon on Toast

Kahve smoked salmon avocado

Same bread, different toppings! Sliced avocado this time, with creme fraiche, fresh dill, some pickled cabbage, a soft boiled egg and a generous serving of smoked salmon. This dish is incredible and their coffee is some of the best in the city.

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Nelson the Seagull

Avocado on Toast

Simplicity at it’s finest – a big chunk of freshly baked sourdough topped with seasoned sliced avocado. This is an instagrammers wet dream as they always look amazing and their venue is beautiful.

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Nemesis Coffee

Avocado Smash

Nemesis avocado on toast

Mixing it up a little here with ricotta thrown into this dish, which gives it a really sweet flavour whilst adding to the texture. Be sure to get a couple of poached eggs along side this, for maximum decadence. Try the pour over coffee here too, it’s one of the finest places to drink it anywhere in the city.

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Agro Coffee Roasters

Avocado Grilled Cheese

Agro Coffee Avocado Grilled Cheese

I’ll be honest, I thought this would taste odd but it was unbelievably tasty. It’s a standard grilled cheese, with aged cheddar on sourdough, but they then top it with sliced avocado. What you get is a rich cheese flavour cut with the clean taste from the Avocado. It’s well worth the trip out to East Van. Be sure to try their cappucino whilst you’re there.

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