Kelowna Coffee Shops

It’s been a bit quiet on the Vancouver coffee review scene for me recently, as I’ve been travelling to Kelowna. Of course, I couldn’t visit this city without indulging in some local caffeine based antics. Here’s a rundown of some interesting Kelowna coffee shops.

Bean Scene
One of my favorite places to get coffee in BC. The two locations I frequently visit offer amazing espresso drinks and a carrot cake muffin that is outrageously good. Their Landmark area cafe (where they roast their beans) also offers a traditional macchiato, with heavy cream and a ristretto shot in it. In their downtown location I tried their pre-made Frappe from a big churning slurpee machine, which was hugely oversweet and had a very disconcerting gelatinous feel to it.

Third Space
A relative newcomer to the Kelowna scene, it’s also in the Landmark area and is a non profit. It’s an amazing venue, huge and looks like a Restoration Hardware store exploded inside it. Very respectable coffee and great food. Their chocolate granola bar was very enjoyable.

I’d heard only great things about this place and I was 100% disappointed. The Cappuccino tasted like old, stale coffee grounds, the coffee cake was dry and the staff were moderately friendly, but very helpful.

Pulp Fiction Coffee Shop
A tremendously interesting venue / book store downtown that has plenty to do inside if you’re drinking alone. They use 49th Parallel beans, which is usually a good sign, but the coffee was over extracted, bitter and the milk was far too hot. Their espresso milkshake was incredible though.

Marmalade Cat Cafe
Another amazing venue, very kitsch and eccentric. Unfortunately the coffee was a disaster. The milk was scalded to death in my latte and the old grinds taste was overpowering. The best part was the toasted, brand name bagel that was under buttered.

Krafty Kitchen and Bar
OK I know this isn’t a coffee shop, but I had a surprisingly good latte here, so this place gets an honorable mention. Their food and cocktails are incredible though. I had their pancake breakfast and was blown away by how great it was. Their breakfast Caesar garnished with fried pork belly was the most obnoxiously delicious cocktail I’ve seen in a long time.

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