We’re giving away 200 cups of coffee

We're giving away 200 cups of coffee

Do you like coffee? Do you like FREE coffee?

How about we do a trade? I give you ten FREE cups of coffee from some of the best cafes in town and you feed me back some research about the experience.

I’m looking for 10-20 people to go out and try 10 cups of the coffee of your choice around Vancouver, make some very basic notes on the experience then feed that back to me for an amazing new secret project we’re working on.

To be considered fill in the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SnobbyCoffee

That’s it, simple.

To clarify – this isn’t a competition, this is a research project, so you’ll need to be committed to drinking as close to the full 10 cups of coffee as possible during the 2 week time frame.
Thanks and let’s drink some drink some amazing coffee!